Autorola Belgium introduces ‘the guaranteed takeover bid within 30 minutes’

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March 4, 2019

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Autorola offers dealers a guaranteed and correct purchase price, within 30 minutes, on the trade-in of the potential buyer’s vehicle. For customers who buy a vehicle with delivery time, the dealer can also call upon this new sales tool.

Based on their in-house developed software INDICATA, real-time data from the European used car market is collected, processed and analyzed. By combining this software with their remarketing expertise, Autorola Belgium can offer the dealer a guaranteed bid within 30 minutes for the acquisition of the potential’s buyer’s vehicle.

Sales opportunities
Autorola Belgium responds to the need for a ‘dealcloser’ for car sellers, in which restricted time and purchaseprice play a decisive role. For closing a deal, sales has to provide an immediate bid for trade-in, within the first showroom visit. With ‘the guaranteed 30 minutes takeover bid’ sales can provide a correct valuation, which increases the chance of success on sales. Both customers and vendors will profit of the direct valuation and guaranteed takeover bid.

Trade-in price often ‘dealcloser’
We see that the number of showroom visits has reduced, from 4,5 times in 2008 to 1,3 visits in 2019. In addition, the consumer is much better informed (internet) and knows exactly which car they wish to purchase. For vendors it’s a big challenge to get a signed order in the showroom. In many cases a correct purchase price for the current car is the ‘dealcloser’. With ‘the guaranteed takeover bid’ Autorola Belgium now offers them the ideal tool.

Time saving
Many trade-in vehicles go to a third party or are taken over in-house. The throughput time is at least 48 hours. This is detrimental to the chance of closing the deal. The guaranteed bid within 30 minutes is pure profit for every vendor.

About Autorola
Autorola Belgium-Luxembourg is part of the Autorola Group. Worldwide market leader in online remarketing and IT solutions, headquartered in Denmark. Founded in 1996 and focused on the Automotive for professional fleet management in the used-car sector. As a pioneer in online remarketing of used-cars, Autorola operates in 19 countries, including Europe, North and Latin America and Pacific Asia. In addition to an international online auction platform, Autorola also offers ICT solutions, supplied via INDICATA (, to generate market insights in sales for each fleet.

Autorola Marketplace – Autorola’s auction platform has over 70,000 professional bidders registered, from 31 countries. Autorola offers a wide range of remarketing services – transport, storage, intake, carwash, photo-studio, parking, invoicing and export handling.

Autorola Solutions – De-fleet management and vehicle Inspection Software is in the DNA of Autorola. Our Fleet Monitor a is a centralized end-to-end fleet management, inspection and evaluation platform which enables fleet owners to efficiently manage and process their assets. It links effortlessly to the fleet operator’s back office system.

INDICATA – Business intelligence and analytics platform enables car makers, dealers, leasing companies and fleet operators to use data-drive insights to drive their used vehicle operations to growth.
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