Autorola Belgium introduces ‘the guaranteed takeover bid within 30 minutes’

Mar 4, 2019   written by Autorola

In Belgium and Luxembourg, Autorola offers dealers a guaranteed and correct purchase price, within 30 minutes, on the trade-in of the potential buyer’s vehicle. For customers who buy a vehicle with delivery time, the dealer can also call upon this new sales tool.

Based on their in-house developed software INDICATA, real-time data from the European used car market is collected, processed and analyzed. By combining this software with their remarketing expertise, Autorola Belgium can offer the dealer a guaranteed bid within 30 minutes for the acquisition of the potential’s buyer’s vehicle.

Sales opportunities
Autorola Belgium responds to the need for a ‘dealcloser’ for car sellers, in which restricted time and purchaseprice play a decisive role. For closing a deal, sales has to provide an immediate bid for trade-in, within the first showroom visit. With ‘the guaranteed 30 minutes takeover bid’ sales can provide a correct valuation, which increases the chance of success on sales. Both customers and vendors will profit of the direct valuation and guaranteed takeover bid.

Trade-in price often ‘dealcloser’
We see that the number of showroom visits has reduced, from 4,5 times in 2008 to 1,3 visits in 2019. In addition, the consumer is much better informed (internet) and knows exactly which car they wish to purchase. For vendors it’s a big challenge to get a signed order in the showroom. In many cases a correct purchase price for the current car is the ‘dealcloser’. With ‘the guaranteed takeover bid’ Autorola Belgium now offers them the ideal tool.

Time saving
Many trade-in vehicles go to a third party or are taken over in-house. The throughput time is at least 48 hours. This is detrimental to the chance of closing the deal. The guaranteed bid within 30 minutes is pure profit for every vendor.

About Autorola
Autorola Belgium-Luxembourg is part of the Autorola Group. Worldwide market leader in online remarketing and IT solutions, headquartered in Denmark. Founded in 1996 and focused on the Automotive for professional fleet management in the used-car sector. As a pioneer in online remarketing of used-cars, Autorola operates in 19 countries, including Europe, North and Latin America and Pacific Asia. In addition to an international online auction platform, Autorola also offers ICT solutions, supplied via INDICATA (, to generate market insights in sales for each fleet.

Autorola Marketplace – Autorola’s auction platform has over 70,000 professional bidders registered, from 31 countries. Autorola offers a wide range of remarketing services – transport, storage, intake, carwash, photo-studio, parking, invoicing and export handling.

Autorola Solutions – De-fleet management and vehicle Inspection Software is in the DNA of Autorola. Our Fleet Monitor a is a centralized end-to-end fleet management, inspection and evaluation platform which enables fleet owners to efficiently manage and process their assets. It links effortlessly to the fleet operator’s back office system.

INDICATA – Business intelligence and analytics platform enables car makers, dealers, leasing companies and fleet operators to use data-drive insights to drive their used vehicle operations to growth.
Contact details Autorola Belgium-Luxembourg:
Erwin Coesens, tel. +32.475 95 96 00, mail:

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Introduction from Autorola CEO & Founder, Peter Grøftehauge

Feb 7, 2019   written by Autorola

Having spoken to many different people at the recent ENG Remarketing conference, discussions typically centred around the many challenges our industry is facing. Finding new homes for used diesel cars after legislation changes designed to improve air quality, and meeting home market demand for used cars were just two frequently discussed issues.

I am a firm believer that the remarketing sector is very resilient, and its supply chain partners are highly innovative in helping asset owners to resolve these challenges.

Our INDICATA real time used vehicle management portal is just one example of the innovative solutions available. It gives you market insights into not only what used cars are in demand in your area, but it also lets dealers know what prices are being charged.

This big data insight is proving highly valuable in helping increase used car sales, reduce stocking days and importantly assist the dealer in buying stock they know is in high demand currently in their territory.

OEMs can quickly use INDICATA to get a network-wide view of used car sales performance and leasing companies can get a real feel for the true value of their assets coming back into the market.
Our Autorola Solutions proposition is also responding well to these market challenges. We were proud to present our case study with Santander Consumer Bank AG Germany at the recent ENG Remarketing conference on how we have worked with them to digitise their remarketing processes.

The extra control they now have over all elements of their fleet management has helped tighten processes and gives a level of transparency that the bank requires to meet ever growing compliance legislation.

So, I would say that these challenges are leading to an exciting time for the industry and when supplier partners work closely with asset owners then the boundaries of the results that can be achieved get greater. To quote Robert Kennedy, ‘may we live in interesting times.’

Regards Peter

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INDICATA powers the Big Data used car economy

Feb 8, 2019   written by Autorola


Following a recent INDICATA strategy session in Italy with many Autorola country managers the message from Autorola Group CEO Peter Grøftehauge was clear in that more vehicle asset owners are realising that the best decisions are those that involve big data.

With INDICATA in particular more dealers, OEMs and leasing companies are using its market insights to make real time decisions into what used cars to dispose of, down which channels and at what prices.

INDICATA supports cross border decision making
In mainland Europe this data is vital in helping set reserves on unwanted home country stock such as diesels to ensure the cars are priced competitively when they hit the export market. Understanding quickly which countries will welcome different types and specifications of cars is going to be vital in getting cars sold quickly and efficiently.
In countries like Belgium dealers and leasing companies have seen a major increase in stocking days as diesel demand reduces, which is why working with our country teams and having access to INDICATA data enables them to make more informed decisions more quickly.

INDICATA is processing 100,000 used cars per hour
The latest version of INDICATA is processing 100,000 used cars per hour and further new features are planned for 2019 which will support asset owners in making the right decision using real time information.

For OEMs Peter sees INDICATA being a powerful tool in helping them support their own dealer networks as used cars becoming an even more important part of their profitability.

Dealers are relying on used cars for profitability
“With the growth in online new car sales set to continue and the popularity of EVs over the coming years likely to increase, which require less servicing, used cars will become even more important for the franchised dealer network to help keep them running as viable, profitable businesses,” he said.

“OEMs can use INDICATA to ensure any used ex-management and rental buy back cars fed into dealers are the right colour, specification, engine type, age and mileage. By using this insight, the OEM will have the cars in stock for less time as the network will be queueing up to buy them as they know they will sell quickly and for a good price.
“Any asset owner making decisions without using big data could be dead in five years,” he added.

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Autorola launches new DAIM real-time dealer fleet management system

Feb 6, 2019   written by Autorola

Autorola Solutions has combined the Group’s Fleet Monitor workflow management system with their dynamic used car management tool INDICATA and an online remarketing platform to create a powerful, new, real time fleet management system for car dealer groups.

Called Dealer Asset Inventory Management (DAIM) it provides dealers with a single platform solution which offers a complete overview of all the processes, business workflows and lead times for managing their new and used vehicle stock.

This begins with car returns and vehicle trade-ins, through to used car stocking times and insights into live market pricing as well as dealer lead times for receiving, preparing, retailing and financing their used cars.

Dealer supply chain is an integral part of DAIM
DAIM also enables dealers to link their compound, remarketing suppliers, inspection providers and transport companies together to give them a complete real-time picture into the status of each of their new and used cars and to identify areas for improvement.

Already one large dealer group has successfully piloted DAIM and it is ready for bespoke roll out to customers across Europe.

“By combining each of our Autorola business units we have developed a powerful fleet management tool which gives the real time status around all elements of a dealer group’s business. We know time costs dealers’ money and DAIM aims to help identify efficiencies across every element of a car’s time within a dealership,” explained Ib Kimose, director of Autorola Solutions.

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Success story for Autorola Solutions

Feb 6, 2019   written by Autorola

Santander Consumer Bank AG Germany has implemented the Autorola Fleet Solutions asset management platform to proactively manage its remarketing processes.

By implementing its highly agile IT platform Autorola has enabled Santander to shape its remarketing workflows to the bank’s specific current and future needs. The ‘low-code’ Fleet Monitor platform enables the implementation and utilisation of process steps or changes within days, without requiring the time or assistance of system developers.

This digitalisation has led to a reduction in remarketing lead times and access to more detailed data which enables smarter and faster decision making. It has enabled Santander Consumer Bank Germany to take control and proactively drive its remarketing management in real-time.

Santander has unprecedented amounts of its own data as well as from its supply chain. Solutions ensures each activity is tracked, traced and analysed 24/7 which brings new levels of transparency to meet the growing demands for compliance within the banking sector.

The real-time process management goes as far as instant messaging, where users participate in Fleet Chat, and live alerts, where potential SLA violations are instantly brought to Santander’s attention. This proactively avoids delays and potential cost management issues.

The latest development for Autorola Solutions is the integration of the INDICATA a real-time used car market intelligence portal into Fleet Monitor. Its job is to provide valuable insights into used market prices and supply/demand dynamics to proactively help Santander define the most effective disposal channel for individual vehicles or bulk vehicles.

Autorola Solutions enabled us to digitise and scale many points of our remarketing processes. This gave us the chance to boost the remarketing time and to tighten control over the whole process.
Santander Consumer Bank AG Germany, December 2018

To find out more about Autorola Solutions click here

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Norway faced with challenge to pioneer used EV management solutions

Feb 6, 2019   written by Autorola

Norway is leading the way when it comes to the transition to electric vehicles with the highest concentration of plug-in-vehicles across Europe and sales continuing to rise. However, a lack of demand in the used market is highlighting some of the challenges this ‘new’ sector faces. Here, Peter Grøftehauge, CEO, Autorola Group reports.

Norway has the most developed EV market in Europe, if not the world and in 2018 31.2% of the 147,929 new cars sold were EVs according to data from the independent Norwegian Road Federation (OFV).

The Nissan LEAF is the best-selling car of any kind in Norway followed by the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model X, with a reported 30,000 pre-orders for the new Tesla Model 3 this growth is likely to continue.

100% zero emissions
However, whilst this is good news as the Norwegian government aims to achieve 100% zero emissions new car sales by 2025, a key challenge which Autorola is supporting the market with is the management of the used cars when they come back from lease. Although demand for EVs is very high across the board, it is proving challenging to resell used EVs when lease options on new vehicles appear so appealing.

Premium segment vehicles best sellers
‘At present, used EVs are priced too high for the market conditions,’ explained Peter Grøftehauge, CEO, Autorola Group who also points to two out of three best-selling EVs in the country being premium segment vehicles.

Peter continued, ‘Rightly, dealers want a return on their investment, but a lack of demand locally is driving them to explore the potential for export but even this has its challenges at present due to the lack of true insight into EV markets. It’s a challenge we are looking closely at and working with our various partners to help resolve.’

Oversupply in the used market
A key aspect of this oversupply in the used market is centred around ‘trust’ relating to the uncertainty still surrounding long-term product reliability beyond the length of a vehicle’s manufacturer warranty along with challenges around infrastructure. A consumer survey by Norsk Elbilforening also indicated that consumers have less confidence in Norway’s political ability to maintain a predictable EV-policy.

‘There is no quick fix to this,’ explained Peter. ‘What the domestic market is willing to pay for a used EV does not currently align with the value vendors are placing on the vehicles. The result is a stagnated supply and demand curve which is seeing vendors sitting on the assets and seeking alternative means of disposal.’

Exporting used EVs
One area some vendors are exploring is the opportunity of exporting used EVs, however this is also presenting challenges as there are currently no obvious markets where demand necessitates imports within Europe or further afield.

‘Norway is in a very interesting position and is a real case study for the EV sector. Adoption of the technology has been world leading, in many ways thanks to the associated infrastructure and government incentives, but the rest of the market is finding it a challenge to keep pace,’ said Peter.

He continued, ‘We look at products such as used personal contract purchase (PCP) in the UK and beyond, and know it is coming to the rest of Europe. In my opinion, this is a solution that is needed and will certainly support the used EV sector.’

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Introduction from Peter

Dec 4, 2018   written by Autorola

As we come to the end of 2018 we cannot remember a year when the industry has changed so dramatically so quickly.

With the pressure on cities to reduce emissions and the quest to modernise the new car emission and fuel consumption testing procedures, many markets have fallen out of love with diesel cars.

These legislation changes have been responsible for used diesel demand falling in some countries and our MarketPlace director Morten Holmsten highlights in his article how Autorola has been at the heart of the import and export activity which is balancing supply and demand across Europe.

Used market is in good health
While some car makers still get to grips with the new WLTP legislation for new cars it’s clear the used market is generally in very good health which looks like continuing well into 2019. New car sales are falling in some countries and the industry automatically invests more time and money in buying and selling used cars.

2018 will see the group auction over 800,000 used cars online to buyers in 40 countries on behalf of over 1,700 vendors which is a record.

As more vendors and buyers embrace selling and buying used cars online we will get closer to one million vehicles in 2019. A huge landmark which would not be possible without the open mindedness of our customers.

We wish our friends, our colleagues and our clients a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all at the ENG Remarketing conference in January.

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Autorola Marketplace is driving the European used car import/export market

Dec 6, 2018   written by Autorola

Autorola’s Marketplace online remarketing portal has been at the heart of a huge rise in cross border used car sales in 2018 due to emission legislation reducing demand for diesels and a major shortage in used cars in some countries.

More than 21% of the used vehicles sold either been imported or exported by the Autorola platform in 2018, which accounts for 21% of total vehicles sold online. This figure is as high as 60% in some countries where demand for diesels has fallen.

Pan European remarketing strategies
It has meant Autorola working with more vendors to develop pan-European remarketing strategies to accommodate the cross-border exchange of used vehicles. ‘Europe’s biggest challenge is how countries respond to introducing new legislation to improve air quality,” explained Morten Holmsten, global sales director, Marketplace.

Used diesel demand impacts the leasing sector
“Legislation has caused used diesel demand to fall dramatically in some countries causing a major challenge for the likes of leasing companies where thousands of used diesels are being de-fleeted every week,” he added.

Germany and France are leading the way to reduce emissions and improve urban air quality which is forcing more diesel used cars to be exported to Poland, Africa and the Middle East. Belgium is also exporting more cars following new fiscal reforms that incentivise buying petrols, hybrids and EVs, while up to 55% of ex-leasing stock from the Netherlands is being exported to Portugal, Croatia and Romania.

Importing more used petrol cars into Germany and Belgium
Germany and Belgium are in turn importing more petrol used cars to balance the supply, while the Netherlands is importing cars from Denmark and France.

European new car sales plummeted in 2009-2011 due to widespread recession, with countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy hit the hardest. It also took these countries the longest to recover, but now their economies are growing the demand for used cars is outweighing supply and they are utilising the MarketPlace portal to source stock.

Portugal is importing used cars to satisfy a growth in demand
Portuguese dealers are importing €10-12,000 cars from the likes of France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands while Spanish dealers are sourcing three to eight-year-old sub- €10,000  used cars for its customers.

The Italian market is typically importing lower value used cars and exporting around 20% of their high value high specification used cars to Germany and Austria, which then sell cars to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia

“It’s exciting for our Marketplace platform to be at the heart of the European remarketing industry supporting the ever-changing supply and demand for used cars,” said Holmsten.

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Autorola Solutions rolls out Fleet Monitor to Santander Consumer Bank AG, Germany

Dec 7, 2018   written by Autorola

Autorola Solutions has rolled out its Fleet Monitor vehicle asset management portal with Santander Consumer Bank AG in Germany.

The project – in complexity and number of parties involved in the entire set up – has helped reshape Santander’s operations and is delivering value on a daily basis by providing greater analysis and insight into its remarketing results and supply chain partners’ performance.

Department manager at COLLECTION BUSINESS UNIT for Santander Consumer Bank AG, Germany, Mr Sebastian Kipp says “Autorola Solutions gave us the possibility to adjust the Autorola Fleet Monitor perfectly to our processes and needs.”

The deep knowledge of the remarketing process at Autorola and the international project team made it possible to implement the project without any impacts on our daily business, while switching the system.

Mr Kipp continues, “The Autorola Fleet Monitor allowed us to digitize and scale many points of our remarketing process. This gave us the chance to boost the remarketing time and to tighten control over the whole process. Moreover, the possibility to access all data of the included vehicles, made it possible for us to analyze the remarketing results and performance of our suppliers at a new level.

Autorola Solutions provides customised solutions to fleet owners of all sizes with all customers assigned a project manager who oversees the entire implementation process – from the initial contact through to implementation.

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Autorola Group hits the road for auto events

Dec 4, 2018   written by Autorola

It has been a busy few weeks for Autorola Group with various appearances at automotive events across the globe.
Group CEO Peter Grøftehauge spent time addressing the Welcome Tomorrow 2018 PARAR conference in Brazil on the digital impact on the automotive industry. PARAR is the major mobility event in Latin America with over 3,000 people attending the three-day event in person while a further 10,000 joined in online. Autorola Brazil also attended FENAUTO in October.

How Indicata big data helps sell ex-lease vehicles
Morten Holmsten, Autorola’s global MarketPlace director, was guest speaker at the Aumacon Top 100 Lease event in Amsterdam where he provided insight into how Indicata big data helps sell ex-lease vehicles.

Autorola embracing personal mobility
Autorola Group then supported the Fleet Europe Summit 2018, held on 27-28 November in Barcelona, by sponsoring the Fleet Europe Village which was home to leading fleet and mobility suppliers.

Morten was spotted embracing the discussion around personal mobility at the event by trying out a bicycle on the ALD Automotive booth.

We will see everybody at the ENG Vehicle Remarketing conference in Amsterdam on the 24-25 January 2019.

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