Autorola Marketplace is driving the European used car import/export market

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December 6, 2018

Autorola’s Marketplace online remarketing portal has been at the heart of a huge rise in cross border used car sales in 2018 due to emission legislation reducing demand for diesels and a major shortage in used cars in some countries.

More than 21% of the used vehicles sold either been imported or exported by the Autorola platform in 2018, which accounts for 21% of total vehicles sold online. This figure is as high as 60% in some countries where demand for diesels has fallen.

Pan European remarketing strategies
It has meant Autorola working with more vendors to develop pan-European remarketing strategies to accommodate the cross-border exchange of used vehicles. ‘Europe’s biggest challenge is how countries respond to introducing new legislation to improve air quality,” explained Morten Holmsten, global sales director, Marketplace.

Used diesel demand impacts the leasing sector
“Legislation has caused used diesel demand to fall dramatically in some countries causing a major challenge for the likes of leasing companies where thousands of used diesels are being de-fleeted every week,” he added.

Germany and France are leading the way to reduce emissions and improve urban air quality which is forcing more diesel used cars to be exported to Poland, Africa and the Middle East. Belgium is also exporting more cars following new fiscal reforms that incentivise buying petrols, hybrids and EVs, while up to 55% of ex-leasing stock from the Netherlands is being exported to Portugal, Croatia and Romania.

Importing more used petrol cars into Germany and Belgium
Germany and Belgium are in turn importing more petrol used cars to balance the supply, while the Netherlands is importing cars from Denmark and France.

European new car sales plummeted in 2009-2011 due to widespread recession, with countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy hit the hardest. It also took these countries the longest to recover, but now their economies are growing the demand for used cars is outweighing supply and they are utilising the MarketPlace portal to source stock.

Portugal is importing used cars to satisfy a growth in demand
Portuguese dealers are importing €10-12,000 cars from the likes of France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands while Spanish dealers are sourcing three to eight-year-old sub- €10,000  used cars for its customers.

The Italian market is typically importing lower value used cars and exporting around 20% of their high value high specification used cars to Germany and Austria, which then sell cars to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia

“It’s exciting for our Marketplace platform to be at the heart of the European remarketing industry supporting the ever-changing supply and demand for used cars,” said Holmsten.

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