INDICATA powers the Big Data used car economy

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February 8, 2019


Following a recent INDICATA strategy session in Italy with many Autorola country managers the message from Autorola Group CEO Peter Grøftehauge was clear in that more vehicle asset owners are realising that the best decisions are those that involve big data.

With INDICATA in particular more dealers, OEMs and leasing companies are using its market insights to make real time decisions into what used cars to dispose of, down which channels and at what prices.

INDICATA supports cross border decision making
In mainland Europe this data is vital in helping set reserves on unwanted home country stock such as diesels to ensure the cars are priced competitively when they hit the export market. Understanding quickly which countries will welcome different types and specifications of cars is going to be vital in getting cars sold quickly and efficiently.
In countries like Belgium dealers and leasing companies have seen a major increase in stocking days as diesel demand reduces, which is why working with our country teams and having access to INDICATA data enables them to make more informed decisions more quickly.

INDICATA is processing 100,000 used cars per hour
The latest version of INDICATA is processing 100,000 used cars per hour and further new features are planned for 2019 which will support asset owners in making the right decision using real time information.

For OEMs Peter sees INDICATA being a powerful tool in helping them support their own dealer networks as used cars becoming an even more important part of their profitability.

Dealers are relying on used cars for profitability
“With the growth in online new car sales set to continue and the popularity of EVs over the coming years likely to increase, which require less servicing, used cars will become even more important for the franchised dealer network to help keep them running as viable, profitable businesses,” he said.

“OEMs can use INDICATA to ensure any used ex-management and rental buy back cars fed into dealers are the right colour, specification, engine type, age and mileage. By using this insight, the OEM will have the cars in stock for less time as the network will be queueing up to buy them as they know they will sell quickly and for a good price.
“Any asset owner making decisions without using big data could be dead in five years,” he added.

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