Introduction from Autorola CEO & Founder, Peter Grøftehauge

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February 7, 2019

Having spoken to many different people at the recent ENG Remarketing conference, discussions typically centred around the many challenges our industry is facing. Finding new homes for used diesel cars after legislation changes designed to improve air quality, and meeting home market demand for used cars were just two frequently discussed issues.

I am a firm believer that the remarketing sector is very resilient, and its supply chain partners are highly innovative in helping asset owners to resolve these challenges.

Our INDICATA real time used vehicle management portal is just one example of the innovative solutions available. It gives you market insights into not only what used cars are in demand in your area, but it also lets dealers know what prices are being charged.

This big data insight is proving highly valuable in helping increase used car sales, reduce stocking days and importantly assist the dealer in buying stock they know is in high demand currently in their territory.

OEMs can quickly use INDICATA to get a network-wide view of used car sales performance and leasing companies can get a real feel for the true value of their assets coming back into the market.
Our Autorola Solutions proposition is also responding well to these market challenges. We were proud to present our case study with Santander Consumer Bank AG Germany at the recent ENG Remarketing conference on how we have worked with them to digitise their remarketing processes.

The extra control they now have over all elements of their fleet management has helped tighten processes and gives a level of transparency that the bank requires to meet ever growing compliance legislation.

So, I would say that these challenges are leading to an exciting time for the industry and when supplier partners work closely with asset owners then the boundaries of the results that can be achieved get greater. To quote Robert Kennedy, ‘may we live in interesting times.’

Regards Peter

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