End-to-end solution helps manage repossessions

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December 7, 2018

Vehicle repossession is often a complex process which requires consideration not only of legislation in order to protect consumers and organisations, but also of various stakeholders.

Autorola Solutions recognises this area can prove challenging and therefore provides an end-to-end solution to manage the entire process via its connected online platform.

Risks increase when payments are in arrears
”When payments are in arrears, your risk increases,” explains Ib Kimose, Global Solutions Director at Autorola. ”Therefore, swift action and strict control is a must, as you want to repossess the car as quickly as possible to minimise the lead time between gateways – both operational and legal – in order to sell the car to recoup losses.”

Autorola Solutions allows fleet operators to have full control over their cars every step of the way and to measure on all KPI’s. The platform provides a powerful tool to reduce operational costs and financial risks, and simplifies every part of fleet and resource management.

Flexibility is key
Ib continues, ”Flexibility is key and inherent in our way of thinking. Our Business Partner set up takes collaboration to a new level, helping to integrate all key business partners into a users own customised flow in Fleet Monitor. This enables operations to be streamlined and optimised at individual levels.

The system also allows users to communicate online with all stakeholders, generating receipt documents, uploading relevant documents/certificates and managing deregistration processes.

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