Introduction from CEO & Founder, Peter Grøftehauge

Oct 24, 2019   written by Autorola

We are just a few days away from the annual Fleet Europe Summit and my team is looking forward to welcoming you to Estoril on booth 1.
We will have members of the MarketPlace, Solutions and INDICATA team in attendance as we come to the end of another interesting year for the remarketing industry.

Used diesel and electric car insights
One of the key focuses of the Summit’s remarketing conference discussion is the remarketing risk of diesel and electric vehicles. To fuel this discussion our special Summit mini newsletter shares the latest used car data insights from INDICATA on how the supply and demand for diesel, EVs and hybrids dynamics is impacting the used market across the European top five countries plus Belgium.
It makes for interesting reading and we intend to publish more Indicata data insights and analysis on the EV and hybrid used markets following the Summit in early November. If you miss the summit debate, please come along and talk to our team to discuss how our INDICATA used market insights add value to the key stages of the remarketing supply chain.

Our new HQ building opens in Odense
We have also recently celebrated our 23rd birthday by moving to new and larger offices in Odense, Denmark. We needed additional space to accommodate our growing in-house IT development team, our global business unit teams and our Denmark country team.
The new offices will enable us to further build our team to accommodate the continued growth of the business. You are always most welcome to visit us in Denmark and can be assured of a warm Nordic welcome.
In the meantime, have a great time in Estoril and we hope to see you during the Summit.


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European used EV/hybrid stock levels rise while diesel stocks fall

Oct 24, 2019   written by Autorola

The increased number of new hybrid and EV cars registered over the past few years is now flowing through into the used car market according to the latest market insights data from Indicata for the five largest European countries plus Belgium.
Stock levels of hybrids have jumped 72% in the last twelve months whilst EV stock levels have more than doubled, jumping 220% although both are seeing longer stocking days as demand fails to keep up with supply.

Used diesels/petrol demand outweighs EVs/hybrids
When combining Indicata sales and stock data there is good EV and hybrid availability, but demand remains strongest for the traditional internal combustion engine.
Data from October 2018 to September 2019 shows online B2C used car stock levels are up 4.9% across all powertrains in September 2019 compared to the same period last year.

Dealers de-stock used diesels at a fast rate
Dealers appear to be de-stocking used diesel cars at a faster rate than demand is changing, but diesel remains the fastest selling powertrain. Used petrol car stock has also risen by 14% as dealers move away from used diesels.
Used car prices and demand for used diesels is still relatively strong according to Indicata, however, dealer stock levels are down 7.5% in September 2019 compared with 2018.

Petrol accounts for 51.6% of used stock
Used diesel cars now comprise just 43.8% of online B2C used car stock, versus 49.7% 12 months ago while used petrol car stock now accounts for 51.6% of Europe’s total used stock.
While it may seem a logical move for dealers to de-stock used diesel cars the reality is there are only enough used diesel cars to cover 58.9 days of demand at current run rates compared to 63.1 days of used petrol cars.

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Autorola moves to new global HQ in Odense

Oct 23, 2019   written by Autorola

Autorola Group has announced that the continued business growth has enabled us to relocate to a larger global headquarters in historical Odense, Denmark’s second largest industrial city after Copenhagen.                                                                                                          
The HQ has moved a few hundred metres to larger premises which will be home to over 100 colleagues. This includes our own in-house IT development team, which continues to develop innovative online solutions for the leasing, rental, fleet, dealer and asset finance industries, our Danish country team, our MarketPlace, Solutions and INDICATA business unit teams, and our global marketing and finance team.

Odense, our home since 1996

The Autorola Group has been based in Odense which is located 1.5 hours south west of Copenhagen since it was set up in 1996. Furnished in a modern, Nordic design we look forward to providing customers, suppliers and colleagues from around the world with a warm Danish welcome.

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