Our industry is showing signs of getting back to some normality

Apr 22, 2021   written by Autorola

This month it is very nice to be able to share feedback from two of our customers: German dealer group Dello Dürkop has rolled out our Fleet Monitor asset management system across its business and BMW dealer network Pala Group BV that has embedded INDICATA within its used car business operations.

Our solution for Dello Dürkop was to create a platform that would support the operation of the car from order to its sale as a used car. The car is managed in one system by Fleet Monitor from the time it enters the stock of the dealer group, through the sales management of selecting channels and pricing strategies, until it is listed online listed via several select auctions and classified platforms for both wholesales and private buyers.

Added value is enormous
Six months on they are very pleased with Fleet Monitor which is now at the centre of Dello Dürkop’s digital landscape as ‘the added value is enormous,’ according to our customer.

Pala Group’s feedback is also very positive after rolling out INDICATA. They said: “It’s all about dynamic pricing – marketability – something we couldn’t do before. Real time data allows us to compare insights to the market, increase stock turn and reduce obsolete stock.”.
Thank you to both customers for being very open and we are glad that both products are adding value to your business.

Showing signs of growth
The used market across Europe is showing the first signs of sales growth as countries come out of their lockdown periods. It is great to see sales growth but as our INDICATA business unit director explains there are different levels of stock in different countries which is causing levels of price volatility.

The used car industry has been very badly affected over the past 12-16 months so we believe it will be a little while before it settles down. However the signs are that everything is moving in the right direction.

Download our Market Watch report for free
Our Market Watch report continues to provide valuable insights into the impact of the pandemic on prices, stock turn, sales, and trends. If you have not done already, we urge you to download it for free at as it is tracking insights every month into 13 European countries.

Online sales have saved the industry and as our vision has been to buy and sell used cars digitally for the past 20 years, we are pleased to see buyers and vendors continue to use our online MarketPlace platform as we come out of lockdown. Online is simple, cost effective and frees up time, something which many companies and employees are struggling with currently as they get their businesses trading again successfully.

We hope you have a very successful trading period as we enter the Spring season and look forward to continuing to support dealers, OEMs, banks, contract hire and leasing companies and vehicle asset owners in making 2021 a record year.

Best regards
Peter Grøftehauge (LinkedIn)

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Dello Dürkops one platform solution

Apr 22, 2021   written by Autorola
Together with the German dealer group Dello Dürkop, Autorola Solutions launched its first end-to-end solution developed for dealer groups in September 2020. The solution has been live for a little over six months and is the result of a close collaboration and partnership between one of Germany’s biggest dealer groups and Autorola Solutions.

Dello Dürkops end-to-end Fleet Monitor with Digital Showroom and direct online ads integration is a one platform solution and the collaboration with the customer is an ongoing process.

For Dello Dürkop the solution is an integral part of its digitalisation process and along with the benefits of having more digitalised work flows internally, also serves to form the foundation for a further growth strategy for the dealer group as the whole operation is now controlled from one single point: The Fleet Monitor.

Streamlining operations with Fleet Monitor
The introduction of the Fleet Monitor is a natural, and necessary step in the merger process that started 6 years ago between Dello and Dürkop that together hold more than 40 dealerships in Germany.

One major challenge encountered in this merger process was to consolidate data across the two entities. There was no one system to manage the DMS and CMS data, nor the fleet management and remarketing of the cars in a uniform way across the two entities, which naturally was necessary to create a streamlined operation.

For that reason, Dello Dürkop together with Autorola Solutions started up the project of implementing a solution that would do just that: create a streamlined and transparent operation across all 40 dealerships.

Fleet Monitor as a one platform solution
The solution was to create a platform that would support the operation of the car right from the start to finish. The car is managed in one system from when it enters the stock of the dealer group, during the data enrichment process where the car is added high-quality technical data and commercial photos, through the sales management of selecting channels and pricing strategies and until the car is listed online via a number of select auctions and classified platforms for both whole sellers and private buyers.

Dello Dürkop is one of Germans biggest dealer groups. The Group’s dealerships are located primarily in the Northern, Middle and North-Eastern parts of Germany with more than 40 dealerships in total.

The Fleet Monitor plays an integral part in the core processes of Dello Dürkop: To enrich cars with data and photos and to manage the sales handling across all the dealer groups branches.

It also integrates directly with Webmobile24 which is the data hub for all 8 classified B2C sites where the cars are simultaneously listed, as well as with Autorola Solution’s own Digital Showroom, which is an online B2B showroom for dealerships to access and reserve cars.

From a solutions perspective, Anders Færgemann Jensen says: “As such, the Fleet Monitor configuration is fairly simple compared to some of our other solutions. What adds to the complexity is the many real-time integrations that feed this solution – and with the Fleet Monitor at the very heart of it.

“It is a class-book example of our vision: We will be the preferred global partner on solutions and services within the digital landscape of vehicle fleet owners! With this solution we prove that we are just that.”

From right are Jens Oldemölle, Brigitte Hellwig, Maarten Schlenhoff from Dello/Dürkop and Carsten Kaufmann from Autorola (left) on the go live day of the digitalisation project bewteen Dello/Dürkop and Autorola.

One platform that adds value to all parts of the business
The system holds both new and used cars, some even before they are physically on the dealerships. That means that the dealerships know what is in pipeline and what makes and models they can sell to their customers. At the same time, each car in the system is only a few clicks away from online ads.

Thus, the Fleet Monitor is responsible for the sales processes and cascades cars to platforms all over Germany to reach a wider audience and exploit maximum selling exposure as it is listed online in several channels reaching a huge buying audience.

Anders Færgemann continues: “Fleet Monitor is at the center of Dello Dürkops digital landscape, so although the process in itself is fairly simple, the added value is enormous.”

Go digital with Autorola Solutions
Anders is the head of projects for Autorola Solutions, and together with the Solutions team engage in projects together with clients all over the world.

During the past year, the need for digitalisation has become even more evident, as the world has closed down. This increases the need for more efficient and structured digital platforms for managing and selling cars in a time that requires you to rethink your business: Strategically, tactically, and operationally.

Due to several disconnected internal systems, organisations have lacked a total overview over their assets. The big task is now to tool up and make sure that your organisation is best equipped to succeed in the online workplace.

With the Fleet Monitor at the center, you continue your day-to-day business uninterrupted and with everything you need right at hand to work with your cars and continue doing business – as usual.

Design your perfect way of working and roll out across your organisation. Scalable, secure, safe and simple.

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Pala Group shares positive influence of INDICATA

Apr 22, 2021   written by Autorola
Speaking at a recent Fleet Europe event Jan Peter Oving, CEO of Pala Group BV explained how used car market data is now driving its business decisions.

Improved used car performance
Jan highlighted how the business implemented the use of data to ensure it improved its used car sales performance – a major part of which involved change management across the business.

“We had been very traditional, but the market is changing, and we had to change as well – change management is vital because if the culture is not right it can eat your strategy for breakfast,” said Jan.

Appointing a data intelligence employee
The first step in the business transformation saw the business appoint a data intelligence employee who was dedicated to overseeing the new and used car market data.

The next step was the implementation of a remarketing platform.

The third element was to introduce a central management.

Helping provide data and insights in our used car management
Jan said a “very important” step within the transformation process was introducing Indicata from Autorola – a platform he suggested “really helped us in providing insights and data in used car management.”

Pala Group BV implemented the programme across its nine sites, which offered occasion/sales managers the opportunity to rely on market data instead of gut feeling.

“We wanted to see the right pricing for the market,” said Jan.

Dynamic pricing
He continued, “It’s all about dynamic pricing – marketability – something we couldn’t do before. Real time data allowed us to compare insights to the market, increase stock turn and reduce obsolete stock.”

Indicata provides the individual dealerships with key performance indicators (KPIs) via an online dashboard and at group level allows the business to see each dealerships statistics, as well as an overall business analysis.

Being more efficient with our capital
Jan explained: “Using market data we have been able to increase our margins and we have been more efficient with our capital.”

Pala Group BV is a family owned nine-site BMW dealer network based in mid/south east Netherlands. The business represents over 14% market share within the BMW dealer network and has an annual turnover of €260m.

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European used car market bounces back fuelled by online sales

Apr 22, 2021   written by Autorola
The used car market has bounced back across Europe with year-on-year March 2021 used car sales up 49.1% and 5.4% higher year to date according to INDICATA’s latest Market Watch report.

The INDICATA Market Watch COVID-19 Edition 15 – April 2021 report highlights how online sales have helped the used car market bounce back one year on from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Used car sales shot up in March
This ‘new normal’ for business to consumer transactions sees March 2021 figures 13.8% higher than the pre-Covid-19 March 2019. Overall, in March 2021 used car sales volumes shot up 24.4% over February 2021.

Austria and Italy, amongst the first European countries to be hit by the pandemic, are now seeing the strongest sales recovery operating at 138% and 111% year on year, respectively, in March.

Austria and Italy experience sales growth
In Austria used car sales, month-on-month in February 2021 Vs March 2021, saw a significant increase of 29%, while Italy’s March 2021 figures were 20.4% higher than the pre-Covid-19 March 2019.

Across many markets, manufacturers have supported dealers with a large push in tactical registrations with March seeing a 41% increase month on month (March 2021 Vs February 2021) of sub-12-month-old vehicles.

Stock turn on diesels remains the fastest
All powertrains witnessed double digit growth in month-on-month used car sales with hybrids growing by 40% – outperforming battery electric vehicles (BEVs) at 32%, petrol at 28% and diesel at 21%.

Despite this, diesel continued to be the fastest selling with a stock turn of 7.4x with petrol at 6.9x and BEVs the slowest moving stock at 4.1x.

Europe’s fastest-selling used cars
In line with this stock turn profile, the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class was the fastest selling diesel at 8.3, while the VW T-ROC was the fastest selling petrol car at 7.9. The Toyota RAV 4 (5.8) takes the hybrid top slot with the Porsche Taycan the fastest selling BEV.

Overall, the VW T-ROC with a stock turn of 7.6 was the fastest selling vehicle under two years old across the board.

Prices are volatile based on stock levels
Andy Shields, INDICATA’s business unit director said: “Going into April 2021 stock levels vary greatly by country with some markets overstocked whilst others are heavily constrained.

“With a consistent pool of three-year-old vehicles, we would expect the lifecycle to show a steady downward movement in average prices month-on-month, but with excess stock in some markets and a shortage in other markets prices are quite volatile.”

For a full copy of our latest INDICATA Market Watch report go to INDICATA

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Autorola is a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year programme

Apr 22, 2021   written by Autorola
Autorola Group has featured as a finalist in the Innovation category of the Danish EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 awards programme.

The EY Entrepreneur of The Year programme was established more than 30 years ago and today operates in more than 60 countries and 145 cities around the world.

Entrepreneurial achievements
The programme recognises unstoppable entrepreneurial achievements among individuals and companies that demonstrate vision, leadership and success.

By participating, entrepreneurs can connect with their peers, access relevant insights to help navigate their growth journey and raise the profile of their companies and teams. The country winners then compete for the prestigious EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award.

Peter Grøftehauge, CEO, Autorola Group, said, “The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year programme is recognised globally and to be a national finalist in 2020 was a real honour. The whole experience was highly valuable and I wish everyone we shared the journey with great success.”

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