INDICATA’s Lead Generator valuations help Mercedes-Benz move used car showrooms online

Nov 25, 2021   written by Autorola

Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg dealers move their used car showroom online with the help of INDICATA’s Lead Generator valuation tool

Koen Hendrickx, District Manager, Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg Certified explained: “We have been experiencing in the automotive sector in the past years a shift whereby our showroom is moving more and more from offline to online. With Mercedes-Benz Certified, we are eager to respond to this trend. We make sure our prospects are well informed online, to be able to welcome them physically in the showroom.

The online valuation module is a ‘must have’
“Mercedes-Benz Certified has been working with INDICATA/Autorola for years: in our opinion, the specialists in analysing the online car industry. The online valuation module is a must-have for every purchaser. The ambition of any used car purchaser should be to buy as correctly as possible and sell as quickly as possible. INDICATA is the ideal tool for this.

“It provides the right market price at any time, by scanning the market instead of using a basic matrix principle to determine a value. For common types of cars in the market, valuation becomes child’s play. The same approach is now also offered to our customers.

80% of customers are requesting a valuation
“For 80% of the vehicles that are online on, the customer can request a valuation of his current car. They receive an indicative value by mail and the dealer receives the same information in his mailbox. An absolute extra lead generator that also informs the customer!”

More about INDICATA Lead Generator
INDICATA’s new Lead Generator website plug-in allows retailers to generate and convert more customer leads through their websites. Lead Generator allows retailers’ customers to value their trade-in car at the same time as searching a retailer website for their next used car. The floating widget and “modal” screen sits on top of the dealer website, meaning implementation is fast and with minimal or no cost.

The entire valuation process is quick and easy. Drivers either enter their VIN or registration number, or their car’s details by make model, trim level, engine, and km/mileage. The customer receives their valuation by email with their address being fed directly into a retailer’s CRM or dealer management system.

To find out more about Lead Generator please contact our Business Unit director Andrew Shields

European used EV sales rise

Nov 25, 2021   written by Autorola

INDICATA’s latest used car insights report discovers how used EV sales rose for the second consecutive month.

European used Battery Electric Vehicles sales rise due to improved availability
Battery Electric Vehicles were Europe’s fastest-selling used cars in October in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, and The Netherlands according to our latest INDICATA Market Watch used car insights report.

This is the second successive month EVs have sold faster than traditional ICEs in Europe.

The semiconductor issues impacting the lead times on new cars and used car demand depleting stocks, drivers are taking advantage of the available EV stocks.

European used car sales still rise
Overall, in October Europe’s online B2C used car sales increased by 1.4% month-on-month (MoM) but were down 2.5% year-on-year (YOY) due to supply constraints in most markets. However, October YTD sales were still 12.9% higher than the same period in 2020 and 10.9% above 2019 levels reinforcing the increased focus on used cars as new car supply remains restricted.

The net effect of this high demand, constrained supply and limited stock is sharply rising prices which are up in all left-hand-drive markets since January 2021. Prices are up 3.2% in France, 8.6% higher in Germany, 10.2% in Italy and 14.9% in Portugal, while UK prices have risen 28.3% since the start of this year.

It’s the perfect storm for the consumer
“The used market continues to thrive despite a shortage in stock. It’s interesting to see that greater availability of EVs is pushing up both wholesale and retail sales. It’s the perfect storm for the consumer as they look to switch to an EV faster than planned because of their availability,” explained Andy Shield, INDICATA’s global business unit director.

“It will be interesting to see when stocks of used petrol and diesel cars start to improve whether demand and prices of EVs will be impacted. The underlying fact is that consumer awareness of EVs is improving which is good news for OEMs and dealers,” he added.

Fastest and top-selling used EVs and hybrids
When studying the top selling and fastest-selling used electric and hybrid cars in October, not much changed. The Toyota C-HR retained its position as the best-selling hybrid and the Renault Zoe as the best-selling EV under four years old. The Toyota Prius retained its position as Europe’s fastest-selling hybrid while the Audi e-tron regained its crown as the fastest-selling EV from the electric MINI.

The Volkswagen Golf retained its dominance as Europe’s overall best-selling used and ICE car, while the Kia Carens was Europe’s fastest selling used car.

Go to for a free download of the 30-page 13 country report

INDICATA reveals Europe’s best-selling and fastest-selling used cars

Nov 25, 2021   written by Autorola

INDICATA launches new top-selling and fastest-selling reports by country

Our top-selling and fastest-selling used car reports have been so popular we have now launched them for each European country.

Discover the fastest and top-selling used cars across Europe by fuel type
In a very fast-moving used car market where demand exceeds supply and prices are reaching record levels it’s important to know which used cars are the most popular.
It helps dealers invest their money in the fastest-moving used stock which is where INDICATA’s used car data insights come into play.

Used car database of 9m cars
INDICATA’s data warehouse captures prices of 9m used cars across Europe kin real time and we can now offer dealers access to reports which list the fastest and top-selling used cars by fuel type.
With EVs and hybrids only just starting their used car journey this should provide dealers with valuable insights to make sure they invest in the right stock that is in demand with the retail customer in their country.

Find out more by talking to your local country INDICATA team.