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Jul 3, 2024   written by Autorola

Welcome to the mid-year edition of the Autorola Newsletter. This edition has a soft focus on the changing state of used car markets, as the rise, fall and rebound in demand for BEVs continues to make itself felt across all markets, but in particular across European territories.

After nine successful years of working with Autorola’s Fleet Monitor platform, Turkey’s leading automotive retailer, car rental and car sharing company, Otokoç Otomotiv continues to benefit from our services and insight, which you can read about below.

We have interviewed Autorola France country manager, Pierre Emmanuel Beau, in which he discusses the importance of data in cross border sales, which has driven strong growth in his fast-moving territory.

Our latest INDICATA Market Watch reports suggests that Denmark is set to become Europe’s first all-electric car market. With new and, importantly, used BEV sales soaring in this country, the market demand for electric vehicles continues to grow.

Our INDICATA data is helping facilitate cross border sales within the EU to meet Danish demand, while managing stock levels for dealers in territories where used EVs are less popular with buyers.

We also look at how Autorola Solutions is gaining traction across our Nordic territories, with Fleet Monitor facilitating the consolidation of IT infrastructure for finance and leasing companies,

Finally, we celebrate the tremendous milestone of our colleague Morten Holmsten, who this June celebrated 20 years with the Autorola Group. Morten’s contribution to our company’s growth and success cannot be underestimated, so we have marked this occasion by looking back at our company’s progression over his time with us, and the integral part he has played in both our Danish and international businesses.

If you know Morten, this article is a fitting tribute to his two decades with the group, and if you have yet to meet him, it will serve as a good introduction.

I hope our newsletter proves an interesting read.

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Autorola France country manager Pierre Emmanuel Beau is reporting strong business growth on the back of a fast moving new and used car market

Jul 3, 2024   written by Autorola


The French used car industry is like many other countries in Europe with sales of new BEVs growing but with demand for used BEVs remaining very slow.

New car sales are up 4.9% in the first five months of 2024 with BEVs accounting for 18.9% of those registrations all of which is being fuelled by the French government’s commitment to phasing out petrol and diesel cars from the country’s roads by 2040.

Bearing in mind the French market was predominantly diesel for such a long period of time the change to a low or zero emission car parc has happened extremely quickly.

Adapting to a changing market

Hybrids are also making an impact in the new market accounting for 36.7% of sales so far in 2024 while diesel sales have shrunk to just 7.5% of sales. Autorola France is already supporting its customers in adapting to the changing market with a cross-border service which is seeing unwanted used BEVs being exported to other European countries.

Many French used BEVs are now ending up in Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands and Denmark where countries are short of certain BEV models. This cross-border service powered by the MarketPlace online platform is an important one that is helping vendors free up cashflow and improve their stocking days.

Exporting used cars

“France continues to export many used cars and we are pleased to be able to support our customers. They are pleased to outsource this service to us as they know we take away all the hassles including managing all the paperwork and pan European logistics if required.

“Demand for used BEVs is lower than ICE cars currently and we are helping vendors find homes for these cars,” explained Pierre.

This growth in cross border activity is just one of the reasons Aurorola France continues to grow its business revenues. In 2024 the business is already 60% up on the first six months of 2023 after experiencing a 75% growth in revenues between 2021 and 2023.

One of the five largest remarketing companies

“The Autorola brand is known and trusted in France now for online remarketing. We are one of the five largest remarketing businesses in the country and our online MarketPlace proposition is still one of the best for both in country and cross border-sales in a market that is very competitive,” said Pierre.

The new and used car market are fast moving and more dealer and OEM vendors are turning to Big Data to help support their decision-making process. Many have already turned to using the INDICATA used car pricing platform to help them make the right remarketing decisions on the different fuel types that are coming back as part exchanges or ex-fleet cars.

BEVs accounted for just 4.32% of May’s used sales but 8.91% of online B2C stock at the start of June according to INDICATA’s latest Market Watch report, which will put further deflationary pressure on pricing.

Used BEV stock imbalance

This imbalance between BEV stock and sales explains why BEVs have the worst Market Days’ Supply in France by some margin at 146 days compared with 51 days for diesel used cars which are the fastest moving.

“Vendors are using INDICATA data to manage these challenges in the used market. From helping dealers value part exchanges to helping them adopt a competitive pricing on strategy versus local rival dealers INDICATA is providing vital retail data.

“We are also using this data to help dealer group vendors decide when to retail used cars in France and when to export them to other markets where they can make more money. This has helped support a 100% increase in INDICATA revenues over the past 2-3 years. It is another case of us being able to support our customers in managing their used vehicle inventory more effectively,” said Pierre.

Raw data

Five colleagues are now employed just in the INDICATA department alone and as well as providing data insights via the usual customer dashboard some OEMs are now buying raw data to help develop their own macro and micro used car analysis.

“More time and effort are being spent by OEMs and their dealers to make the right decisions. It is no longer suitable just to use a gut feel alone on how much a used car is worth. The experience of individual used car experts now must be supported by data insights such is the speed at which the French market is moving,” he added.

Morten Holmsten celebrates 20th years with the Autorola Group

Jul 3, 2024   written by Autorola


Autorola celebrated colleague Morten Holmsten‘s 20th anniversary with the group on June 1st, recognizing his significant contributions.

Many of you around the world will know Morten as our Global Business Unit Director of Autorola Marketplace for the past decade. His efforts have been crucial to the platform’s success which is now Europe’s leading online remarketing and used car cross border platform.

Helping expand new subsidiaries

Autorola Marketplace has also played a big part in the growth of the newer subsidiaries in the group such as Mexico and Brazil while it is set to make a big impression in automating remarketing for companies in the Middle East through our Autorola Gulf business partnership with Al Futtaim Automotive.

Morten has always worked in the automotive industry having joined Autorola after spells working for Nordania Leasing, GE Capital and BG Bank.

From 20 employees to an international role

Reflecting on his 20 years at Autorola Morten said: “Reflecting on the past, the fondest memories include the company’s early days when all 20 employees could dine together, the expansion into new countries through a diverse team in Odense, and the integration of into Autorola as the Country Manager for Denmark.

“Over the last decade, my focus has shifted to an international role, and I  find daily inspiration in working with various countries, cultures, and customers. I look forward to every day at Autorola and I would like to thank Peter Grøftehauge for the chance to grow both professionally and personally,” he added.

Loyalty and dedication

Autorola’s group CEO Peter Grøftehauge commented: “I would like to thank Morten personally for his loyalty and dedication in helping build Autorola into a global business. He bought into our online vision right from day one and has enjoyed a successful role in the Danish market as well as growing our MarketPlace remarketing platform into a global success story. We look forward to Morten playing an integral role in the future growth of the Autorola Group,” he added.

Away from his busy work schedule Morten enjoys playing golf course and spending time with his family.

INDICATA Market Watch report: Denmark could become Europe’s first all-electric car market

Jul 3, 2024   written by Autorola


Denmark could make history by becoming Europe’s first all-electric car market over the next few years according to INDICATA’s latest used car insights report.

INDICATA’s May report showed BEVs up to two years of age accounted for two out of every three used cars sold in the country and 52.2% of all used cars up to four years of age.

Denmark’s top selling used cars in May were all BEVs – the VW ID-4, the Tesla Model 3 and VW ID-3, while the fastest-selling cars were also all BEVs – the Tesla Model 3 and Y and the Skoda Enyaq. BEVs are also on the rise in the LCV sector accounting for 8.8% of sales.

New and used BEV sales thriving

This used demand has more than matched Denmark’s new BEV car sales which accounted for 32.6% of the market in 2023 and are projected at 36.3% for 2024 buoyed by tax incentives. If this new and used BEV ecosystem continues the country looks set to make history as Europe’s first all-electric car market.

“Our Market Watch report confirms that the desire from governments to push the move to BEVs has been met by weak public demand across the whole of Europe. However, the only exception is Denmark where both the new and used markets are experiencing healthy sales,” explained Andy Shields, INDICATA’s global business unit director.

“During 2024 used BEVs have overtaken ICE cars and demand is such that cars are being imported from countries like France to help meet demand.

Healthy used car market

“The success of a new car market relies on a healthy used car market and Denmark is getting this balance just right. More countries will be looking to learn from Denmark to breathe life into their used BEV markets,” he added.

The Danish market is also unique in another area regarding used vehicles. INDICATA’s Market Days’ Supply metric looks at the amount of stock compared to sales run rate. In almost every other European market, BEVs have the worst MDS by a long way, whereas in Denmark, it has the best MDS, 52 days, which is significantly better than second-placed PHEV/HEV and petrol at 65 days.

Strong new BEV market in Norway

The only country that has come close to Denmark is Norway where a wide range of incentives have increased the speed at which BEVs have been onboarded. In 2023 BEVs accounted for 82.4% of new car sales while the Norwegian EV Association predict this figure will increase to 95% in 2024.

However, Norwegian consumers have been slower to embrace used BEVs, with many cars being exported to other European countries to balance supply with reduced demand.

To download a copy of the latest Market Watch report, go to

Brian Nørregaard, head of sales at Autorola Solutions Nordic discusses how more companies are using the powerful Fleet Monitor business workflow and asset management platform

Jul 3, 2024   written by Autorola


The Nordic countries are some of the most IT literate in Europe, particularly Denmark, Sweden and Finland and therefore understand the power of digitalisation when managing their vehicle fleets more efficiently.


It is something that Brian has experienced in the past decade working at board level in automotive technology businesses like KeyLoop.


Leading the way

Denmark is leading the way in the Nordics with the Autorola Solutions proposition – the Fleet Monitor workflow monitoring tool that supports vehicle fleet owners to process their volumes from acquisition to disposal in the most efficient and structured way. This includes utilisation of INDICATA’s vehicle pricing data and the MarketPlace online remarketing platform within the Fleet Monitor vehicle management framework.


In Denmark Fleet Monitor is already in place with a number of leasing companies and banks which use it to manage the flow of vehicles onto its fleet and driving the de-fleet cycle, thus centralising and consolidating their IT infrastructures. Fleet Monitor is also operational in Norway with Autolease while a major German OEM and Europe-wide motor finance and leasing brand are set to onboard it very soon.


Efficiency and transparency

“Compliance and asset management are at the forefront of the minds of finance companies who are underwriting vehicle assets. They appreciate the efficiency and transparency offered by Fleet Monitor to help them optimise their assets most efficiently, reduce costs and manage lead times,” explained Brian.


“They can also optimise INDICATA used car pricing data during the life of the vehicle fleet as well as when it comes to vehicle disposal. Valuing assets on a monthly basis by using INDICATA real time used vehicle data helps them understand the value of their vehicle book, whilst referring to the data at de-fleet time helps them optimise residual values,” he added.


And once vehicles have been sold fleets can manage their logistics supply chain through Fleet Monitor.


Danish dealers

Denmark has 30-40 car dealers using Fleet Monitor to sell used cars to trade buyers. MarketPlace puts dealer vehicles in front of live Danish buyers who use the platform to help speed up the sale process.


Brian and his team are now moving into other Nordic countries including Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Fleet Monitor is easy to customise

“The power of Fleet Monitor is its ability to be customised to suit different customer needs in different countries. We are already engaging with dealers in Sweden, while in Norway we are looking for partners to work with. We can offer them access to our business units and the ability to expand their operations outside of Norway.


“It is a win-win situation for both companies to grow their businesses and with Fleet Monitor working in multi-currencies and languages country borders do not present a barrier. We already use geo-pricing to help companies understand the country where their end-of-life cars are worth the most.


“We are now onboarding our INDICATA used car pricing and forecasting tool into Fleet Monitor to help customers understand how used car prices are performing in real time and what they are going to look like in the future.


“Cross border activity continues to grow as companies import and export used cars to suit their individual needs and we want Fleet Monitor at the heart of this to simplify end-to-end process management including supply chain, paperwork and logistics,” he added.

OTOKOÇ OTOMOTİV celebrates using Autorola’s Fleet Monitor for nine years

Jul 3, 2024   written by Autorola


Turkey’s leading automotive retailer, car rental and car sharing company Otokoç Otomotiv is celebrating nine years of bringing all its automotive-related solutions to its customers under one roof courtesy of Autorola’s Fleet Monitor platform.


The Fleet Monitor asset management and workflow platform is overseeing the following areas: Automotive Retailing Business; New Car Sales, Insurance, Spare Parts, Used Car Sales and its in-car rental business which it operates under the Avis, Avis Filo, Budget and Zipcar brands.


400 service points across nine countries

Otokoç Automotive provides services at nearly 400 points in a total of nine countries, including Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Northern Cyprus and Northern Iraq.


In addition, with its widespread sales points across Turkey and its complex structure with multiple business models, it took a great deal of effort, focus and effort to manage all processes on the single Fleet Monitor platform. Autorola and Otokoç worked closely together to develop a clearly defined workflow across its businesses and then rolled out extensive training and education to ensure that all teams used it.


Automating all workflows, processes

Vehicle definitions were automated with catalogue integration as were Tramer Inquiry processes with web service integration. Its dealer network used car operations were automated with VIS (Vehicle Inspection System) integration to ensure every dealer inspects used car part exchanges in a consistent group-wide manner.


VIS is also automating the aftersales processes of de-fleet vehicles where each individual inspection is uploaded to Fleet Monitor. They can then easily be exported into both Autorola and Otokoç’s own online auction platforms for sale to either wholesale or retail buyers.


Otokoç’s Fleet Monitor is integrated with both Autorola’s other systems and Otokoç Enterprise Resource Planning that helps run its entire back office that supports automation and processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, services and procurement.


Managing end to end processes

Under the main Fleet Monitor platform are 28 sub-Fleet Monitors set up to manage end-to-end processes of 26 Otokoç dealer networks and two fleet rental brands to enable the central management of all businesses.


In total Fleet Monitor allows the management of data associated with 80,000 vehicles on average per year and all operations of an average of 20,000 fleet vehicles plus two fleet rental brands all from a single screen.