Ageing stock profiles creating issues for some countries

Written by Dean Bowkett in category 
June 24, 2019

The challenges faced by sellers of non-Euro 6 diesels and other market pressures caused by economic uncertainty in countries such as Italy is creating an aged stock issue in some countries.

A sneak preview at INDICATA’s average stock days by age across multiple markets shows the diversity of stock ages and ageing profile across Europe.

Whilst countries like Austria, the UK and Sweden carry an ageing level of one- to two-year-old used stock, places like Germany, Spain, Poland and Belgium tend to carry a more aged level of 25-36-month-old vehicles. Some of these stock levels are concerning given the age in stock but it is countries such as Italy and Portugal where very high levels of stock and high levels of aged stock of older vehicles are apparent. This causes difficulties with pricing in a way to recover stocking costs and retain a healthy margin, a cause for real concern.

Looking deeper into the INDICATA data at a manufacturer, model and fuel type level highlights some interesting challenges but you need to subscribe to INDICATA data to find out more.

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