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November 5, 2019

Autorola Group has announced the appointment of Andy Shields as Business Unit Director of INDICATA, the global leaders in used vehicle pricing and market analysis.

He will head up INDICATA which provides dynamic real time used car pricing data in 14 countries for major dealer groups, banks, leasing companies, car makers and insurers.

Prior to joining INDICATA Andy held roles such as Director of Fleet and Remarketing at Avis Europe, VP Sales and Supply for an internet car supermarket and spent 10 years consulting for OEMs, dealer groups and leasing companies.

Andy said: “At Avis Europe I needed real time, multi-country pricing data delivered with a consistent methodology to ensure cross border comparability. INDICATA genuinely delivers that.”
“I used INDICATA data prior to joining the team while consulting for OEMs and major dealer groups and it helped deliver radical improvements in dealer used car profitability. 

“As global leader in real time used car pricing it is not just about data provision but supporting dealer groups to implement ongoing pricing management, where the whole organisation embraces and executes it from sales executives to the CEO,” he added.

In Andy’s consulting career, he recently supported VW Bank GmbH leasing company VWFS Ireland’s adoption of Sofico’s Miles lease management system.

“As I join INDICATA, I am delighted we have announced full data integration into Sofico across all 14 countries. This contributes real time pricing insights at individual vehicle and portfolio levels for Sofico leasing and finance customers,” he added.

“Peter Grøftehauge, CEO and Founder of Autorola Group said: “Andy’s vast experience in used cars, e-commerce and finance means he has a perfect combination of skills for his new role as head of INDICATA.”
“INDICATA has made excellent inroads into providing data that transforms company’s business revenues and used car decision-making power. We welcome Andy to the Autorola family,” he added.

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