Autorola provides peace of mind for European vendors exporting used cars says Frank Tanke, country manager of the Netherlands.

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September 17, 2019

Autorola’s online portal is at the heart of balancing the used car supply across Europe through export. The group helps vendors through the process of exporting used cars and with active buyers in 31 European countries has a long track record in managing all aspects of cross border challenges such as logistics, different currencies, unknown foreign taxes and VAT.

Helping buyers source diesel cars
Recently used diesel cars have had a tough time in some countries and the Autorola platform has played a major part in stock being purchased by buyers in countries where diesel demand is strong.
Fifty per cent of all used cars on the Dutch Autorola online platform are exported, with one third of all those going to Portugal. Portugese dealers are short of stock caused by a shortfall of new car sales in 2016 and a rise in demand for used cars fuelled by an economic recovery. Autorola the Netherlands exports cars to a total of 27 different countries.

Supporting decision making process
But before used cars are sold online, Autorola can help vendors in the decision-making process as well. Using real time European INDICATA data vendors can identify which markets are relevant and where prices are good. This proactive approach ensures vendors receive the best price for their used stock.
Autorola’s combination of using international network of buyers with having access to real time market data is what gives Autorola’s cross border remarketing proposition peace of mind for both vendors and buyers.

For further information contact Frank on M +31 (0)6 86815250 E

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