Autorola Solutions introduces online used car trade in concept to support dealers

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June 17, 2019

Autorola Solutions introduces online used car trade in concept to support dealers

Autorola Solutions is supporting dealers ‘full service’ ambitions with the introduction of its trade-in concept that enables them to provide fast and convenient disposal service for its customers.

The new trade-in concept provides dealers a ‘full service’ platform to help their customers dispose of and buy a new vehicle by providing an accurate, fair and guaranteed purchase price for any vehicle within 30 minutes of notification.

Combining business units into one structured process

The concept combines Autorola Group’s three business units – Solutions, INDICATA and Marketplace – into one structured process to benefit the most from the synergies of the Autorola product suite. For the dealer, the trade in concept provides obvious benefits as it streamlines the full workflow in dealing with trade-in vehicles and unifies the separate steps in the process in one system. It provides both the tools for inspecting the vehicle and gaining an accurate market value, and then glues the full process together from notification through to actual trade-in when the vehicle is on stock in one seamless experience.

For the customer this means easy and hassle-free disposal of their vehicle with instant purchase power to invest in a new vehicle.

INDICATA at the heart of used vehicle valuation

INDICATA is at the heart of the used vehicle valuation as it provides a true, live market value for dealers to base initial part exchange buying decisions on. Dealers decide the margin required whilst, at the same time, scouting competitors’ market prices as a benchmark. This all contributes towards creating the most effective insight on every individual used vehicle and supports dealers’ decision-making process in a reliable and swift way.

The fast and convenient online trade-in platform helps minimise lead times, increasing customer satisfaction within a ‘lean’ process framework. It also helps to eliminate in-house process operations and subsequent time delays.

Secure end-to-end process with direct access to VIN look up

The system provides a secure end-to-end process with direct access to VIN look up, offering full vehicle details and descriptions for speedy decision making and turnaround. The platform also enables managed and shared dealer access to any vehicle already valued within the system to help prevent any crossover between associated dealers, with users able to monitor individual and group dealer performance.

Secure access to the system also offers users the ability to track specific used vehicles, allowing adjustments and improvements across all steps within the process to optimise conversion rates. It also means key performance indicators can be managed from the very outset of any vehicle remarketing process.

The trade-in tool is quick and easy to activate, allowing users to set-up according to their own preferences and working practices. The system can be customised with any combination of modules and integrations, allowing users to do business their own way.

For further information contact  Ib Kimose, Global Director, Autorola Solution, Mobile:  +45 61629916, E-mail:

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