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May 1, 2020

The impact of the coronavirus on car dealers has yet to fully reveal itself. The economic and social fallout of the pandemic already now is significant and will remain to be visible in years to come. Social distancing has changed our patterns of interaction. This increases the need for more efficient and structured digital platforms for managing and selling used car stock in a time, where online has proven to be the ‘new black’.

Many dealers have appeared ill-prepared to cope with the impact that the virus has had on their business and the law-enforced social distancing, which has led to closed dealers. Due to several disconnected internal systems that are poorly consolidated, dealers have lacked a total stock overview. This has highlighted the need for dealers to have an efficient and reliable tool to allow business to continue ‘almost as usual’.

Significant impact on dealerships
At this moment, businesses in some countries are slowly opening again, nevertheless the Covid-19 situation remains far from being contained and the full extent the implications will have on economies and societies have yet to emerge. But already now, the impact on many dealerships have been significant.
Markets have been reporting a standstill, as dealers have been closed and economic activity has largely come to a stop. This could to some extent have been avoided with a greater degree of digitalisation, as the existing systems in many dealerships do not allow people to work from home with the necessary overview and online nature. Although slowly opening up again, the expectation is that the activity usually seen at dealerships will not reach the same level as before the Covid-19 for some time, therefore dealerships must rethink the way they interact with their customers, both wholesale and consumer segments.

Rethink your dealers
This is important for numerous reasons:
Firstly, adding an additional way to collaborate online across your dealers will inevitably lead to more efficiency and thereby also increased earnings.
Secondly, in the view of the recent Covid-19, less physical touchpoints will also allow you to grow your customer base, both wholesale and consumers, while reducing the risk of exposure to Covid-19.
Thirdly, digitalising your platform is cost reducing and less resource demanding than having salespeople in physical stores. That means that you can reach more potential buyers using less resources and with a digital platform be able to work from anywhere in a secure online way.

Interactive dealer stock overview
With Autorola Solutions online “showroom”, which is an online stock overview for dealers, you, as a dealer, instantly access your entire stock with detailed descriptions and commercial photos and start selling. No matter where you are, you have instant access to all cars within your stock and know exactly what the state of the car is, what the price is, what you can promise your buyer and when that promise is kept. That is transparency and trust in one flexible solution that can be customised to your needs. Design your perfect way of selling and roll out across your dealerships with a plug and play solution. Scalable, secure, safe and simple.

With your online “showroom” you get full overview of your entire stock – across your dealerships, for a central access point to locate and offer cars to your buyers. You get real-time access to detailed descriptions of the cars, both technical specifications and inspections with high quality photos. Our easy search functions allow you to locate the stock cars your wholesale buyers request and give precise information on location and delivery times and prices.
You can negotiate prices and reserve cars directly on the interactive platform designed for dealers with always updated and real-time stock overview. That is selling made easy!

Autorola products work seamlessly together
All Autorola products work seamlessly together and scale easily. You can always choose to integrate your solution with our Indicata and Marketplace products to further design your perfect end-to-end workflow management tool.

Digitalisation is an investment in the future and a natural way to ensure business continuity in unexpected and unprecedented realities. We prepare you to keep moving forward when the world changes overnight with our online, practical, adaptable and mobile solutions.

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