MotorK and INDICATA announce exciting new strategic partnership in the Benelux region

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September 4, 2023


MotorK, the leading EMEA group specialising in SaaS solutions for automotive retail, has announced that its subsidiary Carflow has entered into a new strategic partnership with INDICATA.

Thanks to this cooperation, dealers and car manufacturers in the Benelux region will be able to integrate INDICATA data collection and analytics tools, specifically designed for the automotive industry, into MotorK’s digital solutions, thus providing its clients with a high-quality and accurate service for used car valuation.

Offering quality products

The partnership is perfectly aligned with the MotorK Group’s broader strategic roadmap, which places the concept of customer centricity at the heart of its core business, to offer quality products, designed and manufactured with an automotive-first approach, to its customers.

Thanks to INDICATA’s expertise, dealers and OEMs who already rely on MotorK’s services will be able to further enhance its SparK Platform offering with a specific tool to manage a delicate phase of the customer journey, which is used vehicle appraisal and trade-in.

Increased used car stock turnover

Improved market transparency and optimised operations are two key elements for a successful business outcome for automotive retailers; additional analytics capabilities can lead to increased stock turnover, whereas better fine-tuned processes lead to lower risks.

“The increasing digitalisation of automotive retail has resulted in a fragmented tech offer. At MotorK we strongly believe in strategic partnerships to consolidate the industry and offer the customer a quality and customised product,” commented Marco Marlia, CEO and Co-Founder of MotorK.

Staying at the forefront of innovation

“We are happy to start a collaboration with INDICATA, a valuable partner for us in the Benelux area, which will help us to continue to lead the automotive retail industry, always being at the forefront of innovation.”

“Used car business intelligence is our playing field and providing values to drivers online when they need them can really improve the customer experience,” said Peter Groftehauge, Group CEO of the Autorola Group.

“Thanks to this partnership, we can combine INDICATA’s used car analytics with MotorK’s knowledge of the digital automotive customer journey and offer a powerful tool to the market, which creates value for both retailers and end users.”

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