Consolidation of contracts with VW Brazil

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May 27, 2022

Autorola Group’s Fleet Monitor has proved itself to be a huge benefit to Volkswagen Financial Services Brazil in allowing the bank to track and trace its fleet assets across the country in a way that no other product had previously been able to. This proved invaluable to the lender, which has a fleet of 5,000 vehicles, and a supplementary fleet of 13,000 vehicles, run under the brand of FleetZil.

As a result of this solid foundation of success, Autorola is able to assist FleetZil during a merger with another Brazil-based leasing company, LM. A formerly family-owned leasing company, 60% of LM has been purchased by VWFS which will continue to expand its shares in the company over the next three years. Following this merger, additional vehicles will be added to the FleetZil parc, in line its expansion goals in the coming five years.

Importantly, because LM has been a family run leasing company until the merger, Autorola is currently constructing a process that will bring solutions and modernization to LM’s old manual systems and will make a difference in the way they conduct their business in order to bring itself into line with the wider reporting and management structure of VWFS.

Toyota and Kinto sign a new contract for Brazil

Toyota and leasing giant Kinto have signed a substantial deal for Brazil with the aim of maximising growth for both parties. With its new agreement with Toyota, the international leasing company is entering a period of concerted expansion of its activities within the country, and Autorola will be key to Kinto achieving its commercial goals in this area. With the signing of this contract, it is expected to increase its market share to around 100,000 vehicles within five years.

Internal investment in the Autorola sales team

As a result of the success of the last 12 months, Autorola Brazil is now enjoying higher online auction transaction volumes than ever before. Autorola is also investing in its sales team and upgrading its internal processes to allow for the coming rise in vehicle volumes.

A streamlining of processes, an expanded team and an investment in IT infrastructure will see Autorola Brazil well-placed to service the growing needs of its expanding client base for the years to come.

Matching buyers to vendors has always been a key strength of our platform, and this is proving a crucial benefit for customers in a rapidly fluctuating marketplace. Demand is changing fast as new car prices drop after 12 months of record prices. Buyers are now flocking to new vehicles supported by attractive finance rates instead of buying high price used cars which has changed the dynamic of the market very quickly., Brazil is therefore experiencing a market correction, which will make the availability of detailed and up-to-date used car prices from INDICATA key for successful transactions.

INDICATA launching in Brazil

Until now, only Marketplace and Solutions have been offered in Brazil, however in response to our customers’ changing needs, INDICATA is soon to be launched as an additional offering enabling the powerful combination of all three services to be utilised together for the benefit of the companies we work with.

The launch is well underway internally, with several key data providers already earmarked for involvement in the project. With strong interest already in place from our customers, we expect to launch Indicata Brazil later this year.


It looks set to be a year of strong growth.


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