Autorola Group experiences a record two years of business growth and expansion

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March 31, 2022

Since 2019, the automotive industry has gone through a period of global upheaval, beginning with the COVID 19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns, which then led into the global microprocessor shortage which has slashed new car deliveries.

For many in the industry, it has been a challenging time, however for Autorola Group, our ability to assist our customers in effective trading despite these challenges has meant that the last two years have been a time of record growth and expansion for the group.

Fleet Monitor has reported record growth

Fleet Monitor has become a key software platform for anyone managing vehicle assets more effectively from cradle to grave. As new vehicle lead times have stalled, leasing cycles have been widely extended as a result. With the increasing pressure on this vehicle stock, fleets, manufacturers, and finance companies have been relying on the Fleet Monitor package to better manage their vehicles.

As a result, we have seen a strong two years of growth within this business unit, driven partly by the utility of the platform, but also due to the hard work of the Fleet Monitor team to maintain and develop deep relationships with customers to bespoke the platform on their behalf.

MarketPlace is in high demand

As different territories within the EU underwent various cycles of restrictions in response to COVID 19, dealers have turned to importing used cars on our MarketPlace online wholesale platform to cater for increased used car demand in their countries. Market Place proved an invaluable asset to dealers during this time, as more than ever, the ability of stock locator to operate across borders meant that appropriate vehicles could always be located and purchased by dealers, no matter the distances involved.

As we continue to grow the features of the MarketPlace platform, so the head office team also continues to grow.

INDICATA helping traders to manage volatility

INDICATA is also continuing a period of strong growth, as at time of market volatility our unique blend of business intelligence and up to date market insights has allowed OEMs, Dealer and fleets and financing houses to always remain ahead of changing market conditions. Now more than ever, the strength of the INDICATA proposition is proving to be invaluable to businesses.

The recently launched INDICATA  stock locator product has been instrumental in helping dealers to manage their stock levels despite the current pressures, giving them the ability to locate appropriate vehicles from across the continent to fill any gaps in their local markets.  

In response to this growth across the group, Autorola Group has purchased new additional offices near our existing headquarters in Odense in order to accommodate our ever-expanding team headcount, which will leave our existing office space for the INDICATA team to call their own. We foresee that the market conditions are likely to remain changeable for some time to come, but thanks to our ongoing investment in our teams and new state of the art offices, Autorola Group looks set to succeed alongside our customers.


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