Autorola UK is celebrating 15 years

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August 24, 2021

Autorola UK is celebrating 15 years of selling used cars online this week as the Covid-19 pandemic has speeded up the acceptance by trade vendors and buyers to selling vehicles digitally.

Group operations director Neil Frost believes the three lockdowns have accelerated the industry’s move to online buying and selling by at least two decades.

Changing behaviours
“As tough as the pandemic has been for the motor industry it has changed behaviours dramatically as for many months since March 2020 dealers and leasing companies have had no choice but to sell and sell used cars online.

“Dealers, leasing companies and vendors have also begun to appreciate the convenience of selling online as well as the reduction in transportation costs. They now realise the importance of providing quality imagery and descriptions on each car as these give the buyer confidence to buy a car without seeing it in the metal.

Auctions not returning to physical
“Some physical auction companies have also got to grips with selling online and haven’t returned back to driving cars through the halls since the pandemic began,” he added.

Frost has been at Autorola since the beginning and the business has gone from selling hundreds of used vehicles each month in 2005 to 2021 where they are selling several thousand a month.

Blue chip online clients
As well as running regular online sales in the UK for the likes of Arval, Sixt and Porsche it hosts European and global online sales for the likes of Lamborghini, McLaren, and Aston Martin from its MarketPlace online platform.

But despite Autorola’s commitment to online remarketing Autorola employs a large customer service team to engage with dealer buyers and follow up on any questions or issues. A seller’s money is also held in an escrow account until the buyer is 100% happy with the vehicle, which is another element to instil confidence and trust with buyers in the online trading process.

Increased trust
“The customer service team has given buyers increased trust in the online buying process. It also spells good news for human beings as there are no signs that robots are set to take over selling used cars just yet,” said Frost.

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