Tracking the new car winners and losers across Europe by fuel type

Nov 11, 2019   written by Dean Bowkett

In the first 9 months of 2019 Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) sales grew in Europe by 93.1% but this still equates to just 2.1% of the total new car market. Hybrid vehicles have also grown by a healthy 42.7% in the first half of 2019 and now account for just over 5.5% of new car sales.
Other powertrains such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) have seen their market share hold at around 1.6%, mainly due to its popularity in Italy. However, Plug-in Hybrid EVs (PHEVs) have seen sales drop by 12.7%, accounting for just 1% of the new car market across Europe for the first 9 months of 2019. The decline in demand from fleet operators is part of the reason.

Fleets see increased costs of fuelling PHEVs
Several countries have or had a beneficial taxation system for company drivers choosing a PHEV over a diesel vehicle, making them a popular choice from a personal perspective. However, fleet operators noticed a significant increase in fuel costs as drivers were commonly not charging them, just using them as a petrol vehicle. This meant cars were performing worse than a straight petrol version of the car as the PHEV also boasted added battery weight.
Feedback from auction houses like Autorola confirmed that many PHEVs were coming off fleet having never been charged and with the charging cable still in its original sealed bag.

Bristol city centre moves sets a worrying precedent
On 5th November the UK port town of Bristol became Europe’s first city to approve a ban on all privately-owned diesel cars from 2021 between the hours of 7am and 3pm every day.
Whilst Clean Air Zones (CAZs) are appearing across Europe, the difference here is that the local council has not distinguished the considerable difference between old, high emission diesels of the past and new, clean, Euro 6 engines with little to no NOx and low CO2 emissions. The full details of the fines and charges have yet to be published but the ban includes parts of the city centre as well as the nearby M32 motorway.
We will need to wait until February 2020 to see if the national government approves the business plan, which is predicted to cost £113.5 million, but it does set a worrying precedent.

INDICATA sees impact on new and used diesel market

Some cities already have bans or restrictions on older diesel cars, pre-Euro 6, whilst Oslo has legislation in place to ban all diesel cars from certain roads on days with acute levels of air pollution. This progression to a blanket ban on all diesels will impact the new and used diesel car market as INDICATA data is seeing.
Despite reports and data about how clean the latest Euro 6 diesel engines are, the press continues to use the phrase “Dirty Diesel” with gusto, whilst politicians and lobbyists continue to talk about introducing more clean air zones. The message received by many drivers and consumers is a clear one to “not buy diesel.”
The high-level view is that drivers would choose electric or hybrid vehicles, the reality is most lost diesel sales have gone to petrol engine cars.

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Nov 5, 2019   written by Autorola

Autorola Group has announced the appointment of Andy Shields as Business Unit Director of INDICATA, the global leaders in used vehicle pricing and market analysis.

He will head up INDICATA which provides dynamic real time used car pricing data in 14 countries for major dealer groups, banks, leasing companies, car makers and insurers.

Prior to joining INDICATA Andy held roles such as Director of Fleet and Remarketing at Avis Europe, VP Sales and Supply for an internet car supermarket and spent 10 years consulting for OEMs, dealer groups and leasing companies.

Andy said: “At Avis Europe I needed real time, multi-country pricing data delivered with a consistent methodology to ensure cross border comparability. INDICATA genuinely delivers that.”
“I used INDICATA data prior to joining the team while consulting for OEMs and major dealer groups and it helped deliver radical improvements in dealer used car profitability. 

“As global leader in real time used car pricing it is not just about data provision but supporting dealer groups to implement ongoing pricing management, where the whole organisation embraces and executes it from sales executives to the CEO,” he added.

In Andy’s consulting career, he recently supported VW Bank GmbH leasing company VWFS Ireland’s adoption of Sofico’s Miles lease management system.

“As I join INDICATA, I am delighted we have announced full data integration into Sofico across all 14 countries. This contributes real time pricing insights at individual vehicle and portfolio levels for Sofico leasing and finance customers,” he added.

“Peter Grøftehauge, CEO and Founder of Autorola Group said: “Andy’s vast experience in used cars, e-commerce and finance means he has a perfect combination of skills for his new role as head of INDICATA.”
“INDICATA has made excellent inroads into providing data that transforms company’s business revenues and used car decision-making power. We welcome Andy to the Autorola family,” he added.

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Introduction from CEO & Founder, Peter Grøftehauge

Oct 24, 2019   written by Autorola

We are just a few days away from the annual Fleet Europe Summit and my team is looking forward to welcoming you to Estoril on booth 1.
We will have members of the MarketPlace, Solutions and INDICATA team in attendance as we come to the end of another interesting year for the remarketing industry.

Used diesel and electric car insights
One of the key focuses of the Summit’s remarketing conference discussion is the remarketing risk of diesel and electric vehicles. To fuel this discussion our special Summit mini newsletter shares the latest used car data insights from INDICATA on how the supply and demand for diesel, EVs and hybrids dynamics is impacting the used market across the European top five countries plus Belgium.
It makes for interesting reading and we intend to publish more Indicata data insights and analysis on the EV and hybrid used markets following the Summit in early November. If you miss the summit debate, please come along and talk to our team to discuss how our INDICATA used market insights add value to the key stages of the remarketing supply chain.

Our new HQ building opens in Odense
We have also recently celebrated our 23rd birthday by moving to new and larger offices in Odense, Denmark. We needed additional space to accommodate our growing in-house IT development team, our global business unit teams and our Denmark country team.
The new offices will enable us to further build our team to accommodate the continued growth of the business. You are always most welcome to visit us in Denmark and can be assured of a warm Nordic welcome.
In the meantime, have a great time in Estoril and we hope to see you during the Summit.


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European used EV/hybrid stock levels rise while diesel stocks fall

Oct 24, 2019   written by Dean Bowkett

The increased number of new hybrid and EV cars registered over the past few years is now flowing through into the used car market according to the latest market insights data from Indicata for the five largest European countries plus Belgium.
Stock levels of hybrids have jumped 72% in the last twelve months whilst EV stock levels have more than doubled, jumping 220% although both are seeing longer stocking days as demand fails to keep up with supply.

Used diesels/petrol demand outweighs EVs/hybrids
When combining Indicata sales and stock data there is good EV and hybrid availability, but demand remains strongest for the traditional internal combustion engine.
Data from October 2018 to September 2019 shows online B2C used car stock levels are up 4.9% across all powertrains in September 2019 compared to the same period last year.

Dealers de-stock used diesels at a fast rate
Dealers appear to be de-stocking used diesel cars at a faster rate than demand is changing, but diesel remains the fastest selling powertrain. Used petrol car stock has also risen by 14% as dealers move away from used diesels.
Used car prices and demand for used diesels is still relatively strong according to Indicata, however, dealer stock levels are down 7.5% in September 2019 compared with 2018.

Petrol accounts for 51.6% of used stock
Used diesel cars now comprise just 43.8% of online B2C used car stock, versus 49.7% 12 months ago while used petrol car stock now accounts for 51.6% of Europe’s total used stock.
While it may seem a logical move for dealers to de-stock used diesel cars the reality is there are only enough used diesel cars to cover 58.9 days of demand at current run rates compared to 63.1 days of used petrol cars.

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Autorola moves to new global HQ in Odense

Oct 23, 2019   written by Autorola

Autorola Group has announced that the continued business growth has enabled us to relocate to a larger global headquarters in historical Odense, Denmark’s second largest industrial city after Copenhagen.                                                                                                          
The HQ has moved a few hundred metres to larger premises which will be home to over 100 colleagues. This includes our own in-house IT development team, which continues to develop innovative online solutions for the leasing, rental, fleet, dealer and asset finance industries, our Danish country team, our MarketPlace, Solutions and INDICATA business unit teams, and our global marketing and finance team.

Odense, our home since 1996

The Autorola Group has been based in Odense which is located 1.5 hours south west of Copenhagen since it was set up in 1996. Furnished in a modern, Nordic design we look forward to providing customers, suppliers and colleagues from around the world with a warm Danish welcome.

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Introduction from CEO & Founder, Peter Grøftehauge

Sep 17, 2019   written by Autorola

It’s been an interesting summer with the demand for used cars growing by 8.2% to the end of July in the five major European car markets. Dealers continue to report higher used car margins than new car sales which have fallen in nine out of the 10 months to June.
The used car growth coincides with more used cars coming back into the market from finance contracts following strong global new car sales during 2016.

Record export numbers processed on our online portal
We have seen record numbers of used cars offered and sold via our online portal and in particular cross border sales continue to grow as we help balance used car supply and demand across Europe. Used car demand remains strong in Portugal and Spain, while other countries are using Autorola to help export used diesel cars that have fallen in popularity such as Germany and Belgium.
Our newsletter highlights the role Autorola plays in cross border export sales from a vendor perspective and have spoken to our country managers in France and Holland how export works practically for customers. We are very proud of how we bring buyers and vendors together through our online portal and look forward to supporting new vendors who are considering or who have recently adopted a pan European remarketing strategy.

INDICATA powering real time used car insights

We feature stories in our newsletter on used car market insights powered by data from our INDICATA portal.
We have received positive feedback on these articles in past newsletters as they are providing vendors with valuable used car sales and supply data to support key remarketing decisions. Let us know if there are other insights article that we can provide you with in future newsletters.

INDICATA values vehicle assets during life cycle
Asset managers are responding very positively now that we have integrated INDICATA with our Fleet Monitor asset management platform. They can gain insights into the real time values of their vehicle portfolio during different stages of an asset’s life cycle.
For leasing companies, banks, finance companies and any business that owns their fleet this is a huge step in understanding their fleet risk. With recent challenges with used diesels and in some countries where used prices are falling it gives asset managers peace of mind how much their fleet is worth against written down values.

Big Data adding value to fleets
We have spoken before about Big Data and this is a great example of how it is adding value to our customers. We look forward to working with fleets to roll out this integrated asset management and valuation solution.
As we enter Autumn, so the challenges of ever-changing used car values continue to make our lives very interesting, now with the added complexity of more hybrids and electric cars hitting the used market. We plan to provide you with insights into the used EV market in our next newsletter.

Best regards Peter

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Autorola makes it easy for buyers to purchase used cars cross border says Pierre Emmanuel Beau, director of Autorola France.

Sep 17, 2019   written by Autorola

Export buyers purchase up to two thirds of all used cars sold by Autorola France, with 40% of their volume currently heading for Portugal and Spain to accommodate used car shortages in both countries.
At the heart of the French export success story is the service it offers to buyers. The French team speak 11 languages. They are available on the phone or email to answer buyer questions in their own language which further adds to the trust of buying from the Autorola online auction platform.

Autorola manages a shared buyer network across Europe
Autorola has a shared network of used buyers across Europe with notes of the types of used vehicles they want to buy. Pierre and his team match those buyers with vendor clients that they know have an export stock profile.
Different countries want different types of cars with buyers having access to tens of thousands used cars each week through the Autorola online portal. Buyers simply log on, bid and buy, and transport can also be arranged if required.

Export cars are listed net of Vat and local taxes
Prices are listed for each car net of local VAT and taxes so buyers always know the exact price they will have to pay for export vehicles.
“Vendors have the peace of mind that all our buyers have been vetted by us before they can buy cars. Many buyers have been working with Autorola for many years, so the trust has been built up over time.
“This is how we set the online auction benchmark, by putting everything in place to gain buyer trust encouraging them to bid and buy a used car remotely. On the odd occasion there is a problem the buyer knows we will do our best to sort it out quickly and efficiently which suits both buyer and vendor,” said Pierre.

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INDICATA tracking used car markets across Europe

Sep 17, 2019   written by Dean Bowkett

Whilst the five largest car markets are key countries to track across the industry for the major international automotive companies, it is also worth monitoring trends across the rest of Europe. A sneak preview at INDICATA’s average stock days by age across multiple markets shows the diversity of stock across Europe.
The next three largest car markets in Europe after the big five and in order of forecast new car sales for 2019 are Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands where a combined 1.46 million new cars are likely to be sold this year, which is more than Spain. These three countries account for significant amounts of used car exports and, in the case of Poland, also imports across the whole of Europe.

Considerable disparity across smaller markets
There is considerable disparity across these smaller markets. Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden have significant levels of younger aged stock of one to two-year-old used vehicles compared to Belgium and Poland where it is the 25 to 36-month-old vehicles which are currently proving the hardest to sell.
Before considering cross-border trading between any market it is a key requirement to understand if you are moving stock into or out of a country at the right time. Whilst you may consider this is possible to do at a very high level, the INDICATA data shows that once you start dissecting different markets by vehicle age, segment type, fuel, body style and make or model mistakes can be made, and opportunities missed.
The daily rental market in Spain and the fleet markets in countries like Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK export tens and even hundreds of thousands of used cars each year and identifying where the biggest demand could be for a particular vehicle could transform a company’s bottom line profitability.

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Used car sales outperforming new car sales across Europe’s big five car markets

Sep 17, 2019   written by Dean Bowkett

Car buyers are switching to buying newer used cars instead of new according to the INDICATA database.
To June 2019 new car sales had fallen in nine of the previous 10 months, with just a miserly 0.1% positive movement in May 2019 being the only glimmer of hope across the 28 European member states and the European Free Trade Agreement countries of Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.
However, used car sales across all five major European car markets grew by 8.2% for the period January to July 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. France has seen the biggest rate if increase, up 14.6%, followed the UK (+9.2%), Spain (+7.0%), Germany (+5.8%) and Italy (+3.6%).

Used car sales outstripping new
Over the first seven months of 2018 online B2C used car sales were achieving parity with sales of new cars across Europe’s five largest car markets, with 7.14 million new cars registered compared to 7.15 million used car sales. One year later and used car sales are now 10% higher than new car sales with 7.74 million online B2C used cars sold in the first seven months of 2019 versus 7.01 million new cars over the same period.
The widening gap between new car sales and used car sales started in September 2018 when the introduction of the new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) saw new car sales collapse. Used car sales also started to rise from January 2019, increasing in volume terms by an average 8.4% per month between January and July. Despite new car sales rising by 0.9% across the five biggest car markets in Europe in July, used car sales leapt by 20.9% according to the latest INDICATA data.

Spanish market on road to recovery
Focusing on specific markets, a weak quarter one (Q1) of online B2C used car sales in Spain was compensated for by a strong second quarter (Q2) which saw sales rise 32.1% over Q1 2019 and up 19.3% over Q2 2018. The recovery was not quite enough to put the Spanish used car market back into growth though and for the first half of 2019 it was still down 2.6%, but an even stronger July meant total online B2C used car sales in Spain were up seven per cent.
July also saw strong used car sales growth in the remaining four markets with sales for the big five countries up 20.9% in total over July 2018. Germany saw online B2C used car sales rise by 26.2% in July 2019 compared to the same month last year, whilst France (+23.3%), the UK (+11.6%) and Italy (+10.8%) also saw strong increases for the month.
However, it should be remembered that July and August 2018 saw significant new car discounts being offered to clear out new cars which had not or could not be homologated in time for the introduction of WLTP in September, so the rate of growth should stabilise once we are past this period.

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Integrated systems are providing vehicle asset managers with critical, real time market insights says INDICATA’s Jurgen Claus.

Sep 17, 2019   written by Autorola

The combination of Fleet Monitor and INDICATA is adding a new dimension to vehicle fleet asset managers ability to maximise portfolio values via enhanced sales, risk management and remarketing insights.

Workflow monitoring tool, Fleet Monitor in combination with data driven market insights tool, INDICATA, enables vehicle asset managers to take a pro-active approach to understanding the real-time value of their vehicle portfolio, constantly screening for business opportunities and providing immediate decision-making capabilities.

Changing the way asset managers value portfolios
Traditionally, vehicle asset managers have valued their assets using historic data rather than actual market prices. This ‘reactive’ approach often results in asset portfolios being misaligned with widening used vehicle value gaps, often only evident at the end of a vehicle contract. This creates a major challenge for asset managers. However, by using the Fleet Monitor/INDICATA system, vehicle fleet owners add a dynamic monitoring tool to the instruments of portfolio management.

With individual vehicle details uploaded into the Fleet Monitor system, INDICATA integrates within the system to allow asset managers to truly understand the value of any given vehicle at every stage of its life cycle.

Tailor to meet specific requirements and risk parameters
Asset managers can tailor the system to meet specific requirements and risk parameters to ensure management of the entire vehicle portfolio is by exception and not rule – helping to ensure focus is prioritised on vehicles which match the ‘risk’ criteria.

On fleets of any scale but specifically those larger fleets, this specifying of risk criteria ensures enhanced efficiencies and clear visibility of pending, current and future challenges and opportunities. Examples of customised gateways include low or high market days supply or higher/lower book value than wholesale and can be incorporated at any stage of the vehicle life cycle from arrivals, handover to drivers, returns, inspections and sales.

Constant screening helping to detect risks
Jurgen Claus, international business development manager, Autorola Group who is working with organisations across the globe to leverage the true benefits of the system, said, ‘Constant screening of a portfolio can not only detect risk – or risk tendencies – in the early stages but it can also give you an insight in cluster risk such as percentage of petrol Vs diesel on your fleet or gearbox variants that are no longer in fashion etc.’

Jurgen continued, ‘From a sales perspective, the tool also allows users to detect sales opportunities. Leasing and financing companies can detect those vehicles that are less prone to variable market trends which are ‘in the market’. Potentially, these could be presented to drivers as a new alternative, increasing the car sales rotation and, at the same time, providing the used car market with high quality late and low stock.’

Powering the potential for global asset management
Another key aspect of the integrated system relates to end of contract and determining the most suitable and cost-effective route of disposal. In ’normal’ portfolio management the end of contract process starts at 180 days before the contract expires.

Based on the data Autorola collects daily across Europe, it can advise every fleet owner where in the world to sell the end-of-contract-cars to gain the best price and that may mean exporting the cars. This decision is based on Autorola’s cross border used vehicle expertise as well as actual market prices which show true supply and demand in individual markets.

Jurgen explained, ‘Not only is this functionality less time consuming for asset managers to consider and decide on their routes for disposal, but it also helps to optimise the resale value of the vehicle and any difference with the book value of the car.’

The introduction of INDICATA integrated into Fleet Monitor is the newest addition to Autorola’s range of enterprise solutions, where business units and product modules join forces to provide premium business propositions.

For more information, please contact Jurgen Claus, International Business Development Manager, Phone: 0032 (0)3/887 19 00, Mobile: 0032 (0)473 96 41 09, Email:

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