New European stock locator helps dealers source cross border used cars more easily

Dec 20, 2021   written by Autorola

INDICATA has launched a new pan-European stock locator to help speed up the time it takes for dealers to source new used car and van stock.

With new car supplies continuing to be impacted by the global semiconductor shortage the demand for used cars continues to rise to record levels across Europe. This is causing dealers more challenges in sourcing used stock which is where a subscription to INDICATA’s European stock locator is invaluable.

Filtering used stock
The new stock locator helps dealers filter the used stock they are searching for either in their own country or cross border by the make and model, fuel type, age, and mileage, how long a vehicle has been in stock and importantly price.

Once the search of INDICATA’s database of 9m live used vehicles in 13 European countries is complete the stock locator automatically plots the locations of dealers which hold the required vehicles onto a map complete with their contact details.

Sourcing used vehicles cross border
The wider Autorola Group is seeing more larger franchised dealers sourcing more used vehicle stock cross border now to meet their group needs. The European stock locator is speeding up the time it takes to identify those individual vehicles in countries, particularly where the group buyers have no experience of individual countries.

“In many cases there is not sufficient used stock in individual countries to meet dealers’ needs due to the ongoing new car supply challenge. That has meant dealers spending a great deal of time and effort locating that stock in other countries.” explained Andy Shields, INDICATA Europe’s global business unit director.

It makes sourcing used stock quick and easy
“That’s where our stock locator comes in. It aims to make it quick and easy to locate stock across 13 European countries which not only opens up a dealer’s choice, but it also enables them to find the most relevant stock at the best price,” he added.

Dealers can find out further information and receive a demonstration by approaching their local country INDICATA sales team.

Introduction from Peter Grøftehauge

Dec 1, 2021   written by Autorola

Used EVs have seen a big rise in demand and sales over the past two months according to our INDICATA insights data. The feeling is that they have started to establish themselves in the used market which is vital for any new vehicle type or new car.

So many things rely on a healthy residual value such as leasing rates and salability in the secondhand market.

Increase in cross border sale of EVs
Our MarketPlace business unit director Morten Holmsten is also seeing a heavy flow of EVs between countries to meet the demand of the consumer. The Netherlands and Denmark for instance are importing used EVs while Germany is exporting EVs. He has written an article about how cross border used sales are shaping up at the end of the year across Europe.

Another trend which has remained since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic country lockdowns is the increased number of used cars being bought online both in the wholesale and retail markets. In this newsletter Mercedes-Benz Belgium tells us how they are using our Lead Generator used car valuation plug-in on their retail dealer websites as more showroom traffic moves online.

Winning Business Leader of the Year
We are also still celebrating after I received the ‘Business Leader of the Year’ award for the Fyn region of Denmark. Presented to me by PwC Danmark it celebrates our commitment to online remarketing and is testament to the hard work of our colleagues around the globe.

I hope you enjoy the film which we have translated into English, and for some it will be the first chance you have to take a tour round our new global headquarters in Odense, Denmark.

Best regards
Peter Grøftehauge (LinkedIn)

Peter Groftehauge receives leader of the Year Award

Dec 1, 2021   written by Autorola

Our Group CEO has been presented with an important business award by PwC Danmark.

Congratulations to our Group CEO for his business award win

Our Autorola Group CEO Peter Grøftehauge has been presented with a major award by PwC Danmark.
He won the Leader of the Year award for the Fyn region of Denmark for his outstanding commitment to changing the landscape of used car remarketing with his ‘online’ approach.

Peter said: “I would like to accept this on behalf of our 500 colleagues around the world who work hard every day to meet our customers’ needs in an ever-changing market. I am very proud, humble, and honoured. Thank you to PwC, Nykredit, Dansk Erhverv and Finans for the nomination.”

Watch the video of Peter taking a tour of Autorola’s global HQ in Odense, Denmark.


When it comes to trade, territories are a thing of the past

Dec 1, 2021   written by Autorola

Keeping vehicles flowing
Now more than ever, cross border trading is crucial to keeping used vehicles flowing across mainland Europe. While it always allowed dealers to profit from different market needs across the continent, it wasn’t until last year and the pandemic really became key to ongoing trade in all markets.

During the many lockdowns last year and now the new car scarcity caused by the microprocessor shortage, when certain countries have been closed for business, or certain markets have lacked stock, the ability to trade without borders has truly come into its own.

Local markets are key
Currently, all markets across Europe are in need of used vehicles, which means that across our markets, we are seeing less cars than usual being exported, as stock prices and transport costs have risen, markets have increasingly been fed from within the local area. Where we usually expect to see export percentages of around 30%, right now this figure is just below 25%.

With the ongoing microprocessor shortage, and the global demand for raw materials having squeezed or halted new car production, we can only see this focus on used vehicles continuing for a while to come, which is great news for Autorola both now and in the future.

Interestingly, while the number of new vehicles coming onto our platform has decreased by 30%, which is split across OEMs, rental and leasing companies who are all now holding on to vehicles which they might have previously de-fleeted through our platform, our sale / conversion rate has remained steady, with sales volumes unchanged, and the market having adjusted to older used stock instead.

EVs are still crossing borders
The one area where cross border trading is still operating much as it did pre-covid, is with EVs. We see a heavy flow of these vehicles into countries with heavy governments subsidies on these used vehicles, away from regions in which subsidies are only offered on new EV stock – from Germany and into the Netherlands and Denmark, for example.

While December and the holiday season usually sees a softening marketplace for used stock, overall, we are expecting the market to continue to soar, and we expect prices to rise again in January and February. As Autorola has always been an entirely online platform, with a focus on international markets, we are well placed to continue to help maintain the liquidity of the used car market in the months to come.

INDICATA’s Lead Generator valuations help Mercedes-Benz move used car showrooms online

Nov 25, 2021   written by Autorola

Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg dealers move their used car showroom online with the help of INDICATA’s Lead Generator valuation tool

Koen Hendrickx, District Manager, Mercedes-Benz Belgium Luxembourg Certified explained: “We have been experiencing in the automotive sector in the past years a shift whereby our showroom is moving more and more from offline to online. With Mercedes-Benz Certified, we are eager to respond to this trend. We make sure our prospects are well informed online, to be able to welcome them physically in the showroom.

The online valuation module is a ‘must have’
“Mercedes-Benz Certified has been working with INDICATA/Autorola for years: in our opinion, the specialists in analysing the online car industry. The online valuation module is a must-have for every purchaser. The ambition of any used car purchaser should be to buy as correctly as possible and sell as quickly as possible. INDICATA is the ideal tool for this.

“It provides the right market price at any time, by scanning the market instead of using a basic matrix principle to determine a value. For common types of cars in the market, valuation becomes child’s play. The same approach is now also offered to our customers.

80% of customers are requesting a valuation
“For 80% of the vehicles that are online on, the customer can request a valuation of his current car. They receive an indicative value by mail and the dealer receives the same information in his mailbox. An absolute extra lead generator that also informs the customer!”

More about INDICATA Lead Generator
INDICATA’s new Lead Generator website plug-in allows retailers to generate and convert more customer leads through their websites. Lead Generator allows retailers’ customers to value their trade-in car at the same time as searching a retailer website for their next used car. The floating widget and “modal” screen sits on top of the dealer website, meaning implementation is fast and with minimal or no cost.

The entire valuation process is quick and easy. Drivers either enter their VIN or registration number, or their car’s details by make model, trim level, engine, and km/mileage. The customer receives their valuation by email with their address being fed directly into a retailer’s CRM or dealer management system.

To find out more about Lead Generator please contact our Business Unit director Andrew Shields

European used EV sales rise

Nov 25, 2021   written by Autorola

INDICATA’s latest used car insights report discovers how used EV sales rose for the second consecutive month.

European used Battery Electric Vehicles sales rise due to improved availability
Battery Electric Vehicles were Europe’s fastest-selling used cars in October in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, and The Netherlands according to our latest INDICATA Market Watch used car insights report.

This is the second successive month EVs have sold faster than traditional ICEs in Europe.

The semiconductor issues impacting the lead times on new cars and used car demand depleting stocks, drivers are taking advantage of the available EV stocks.

European used car sales still rise
Overall, in October Europe’s online B2C used car sales increased by 1.4% month-on-month (MoM) but were down 2.5% year-on-year (YOY) due to supply constraints in most markets. However, October YTD sales were still 12.9% higher than the same period in 2020 and 10.9% above 2019 levels reinforcing the increased focus on used cars as new car supply remains restricted.

The net effect of this high demand, constrained supply and limited stock is sharply rising prices which are up in all left-hand-drive markets since January 2021. Prices are up 3.2% in France, 8.6% higher in Germany, 10.2% in Italy and 14.9% in Portugal, while UK prices have risen 28.3% since the start of this year.

It’s the perfect storm for the consumer
“The used market continues to thrive despite a shortage in stock. It’s interesting to see that greater availability of EVs is pushing up both wholesale and retail sales. It’s the perfect storm for the consumer as they look to switch to an EV faster than planned because of their availability,” explained Andy Shield, INDICATA’s global business unit director.

“It will be interesting to see when stocks of used petrol and diesel cars start to improve whether demand and prices of EVs will be impacted. The underlying fact is that consumer awareness of EVs is improving which is good news for OEMs and dealers,” he added.

Fastest and top-selling used EVs and hybrids
When studying the top selling and fastest-selling used electric and hybrid cars in October, not much changed. The Toyota C-HR retained its position as the best-selling hybrid and the Renault Zoe as the best-selling EV under four years old. The Toyota Prius retained its position as Europe’s fastest-selling hybrid while the Audi e-tron regained its crown as the fastest-selling EV from the electric MINI.

The Volkswagen Golf retained its dominance as Europe’s overall best-selling used and ICE car, while the Kia Carens was Europe’s fastest selling used car.

Go to for a free download of the 30-page 13 country report

INDICATA reveals Europe’s best-selling and fastest-selling used cars

Nov 25, 2021   written by Autorola

INDICATA launches new top-selling and fastest-selling reports by country

Our top-selling and fastest-selling used car reports have been so popular we have now launched them for each European country.

Discover the fastest and top-selling used cars across Europe by fuel type
In a very fast-moving used car market where demand exceeds supply and prices are reaching record levels it’s important to know which used cars are the most popular.
It helps dealers invest their money in the fastest-moving used stock which is where INDICATA’s used car data insights come into play.

Used car database of 9m cars
INDICATA’s data warehouse captures prices of 9m used cars across Europe kin real time and we can now offer dealers access to reports which list the fastest and top-selling used cars by fuel type.
With EVs and hybrids only just starting their used car journey this should provide dealers with valuable insights to make sure they invest in the right stock that is in demand with the retail customer in their country.

Find out more by talking to your local country INDICATA team.

Introduction from Peter Grøftehauge

Oct 28, 2021   written by Autorola

Our dealer customers across the globe have all been reporting record levels of online activity from drivers as they first search and then buy their next used car online.

In recognition of this our INDICATA Lead Generator used vehicle valuation product has been developed to generate and convert more leads for automotive dealers. Drivers visiting a dealer website can access an immediate part exchange value online powered by INDICATA’s valuation engine.

SPOTICAR Turkey celebrates using INDICATA Lead Generator
The lead is recorded directly into the dealer’s DMS or CMS to allow sales teams engage with drivers online at a time when fewer are visiting dealer showrooms. SPOTICAR Turkey has kindly provided us with useful insights on how it is working across its Stellantis dealer network. The results are very impressive.

Used cars remain in high demand across the globe and Autorola’s MarketPlace online remarketing platform continues to play an important part in helping vendors and buyers sell and buy stock.

Marketplace sells 250 Polish EVs in one day
Our colleagues in Poland have seen Polish dealers use it to both buy and sell stock and it has made history by selling 250 used EVs online in one day as electric cars are still establishing themselves on the used market.

Many Polish dealers have also adopted INDICATA Lead Generator as much of their lead generation and conversion has moved online. Our colleague Michal Wojciechowski tells us the full story.

Fastest and top-selling used cars in Europe
We have received some very positive feedback about our latest top-selling and fastest-selling used car tables generated using INDICATA data. With dealers having to invest more money in buying used cars the data has been very valuable in helping ensure they bid on those the cars they know are in high demand. Make sure you check out the most in demand cars in your country by downloading the latest INDICATA Market Watch report.

If you want to talk to our INDICATA or MarketPlace teams about Lead Generator, the Market Watch report or online remarketing through MarketPlace don’t forget our teams will be at the forthcoming Fleet Europe summit in Brussels in early November. We all look to seeing you there.

Best regards
Peter Grøftehauge (LinkedIn)

Spoticar Turkey INDICATA Lead Generator case study

Oct 28, 2021   written by Autorola

Could you please tell us about SPOTICAR?
SPOTICAR is the used car platform of GROUPE PSA Turkey under the Stellantis umbrella. Our potential clients can quickly select used vehicles they like from “Buy Vehicle” section at the site and than purchase them from our SPOTICAR sale points. At the same time they can also easily learn their own vehicles’ current market value from the “Sell Vehicle” section and trade or sell them at our SPOTICAR sales points.

What kind of a cooperation do you have with INDICATA in this business model?
We use Indicata Lead Generator at our “Sell Vehicle” section on the SPOTICAR website. ( With Lead Generator, our potential clients receive a real time market valuation easily and quickly.

What are the most important factors in choosing Indicata Lead Generator?
Before SPOTICAR, we used Indicata Lead Generator at our Peugeot official used car website between 2018-20. At that time, since the Plug&Play product was not ready, our clients were able to valuate their own vehicles via the Indicata Web Service in aour own designed format. With the launch of SPOTICAR, we prefferred to use the ready to use Plug&Play version.
The most important feature of Lead Generator is that clients can value their own vehicle by using Indicata’s real time market data.

Beside the use of INDICATA’s Artificial Intelligence vehicle valuation technology:
• we didn’t have to design our own pricing tool
• we could integrate it into our website using our own corporate identity
• it gave our clients the ability to easily select and valuate their vehicles
• the CRM integration infrastructure was a very important feature

Autorola online platform at the heart of Polish used car imports and exports NIB.

Oct 28, 2021   written by Autorola

A record year for Autorola Poland
Autorola Poland has enjoyed a record year. Throughout a time of upheaval for the economy and the used car market in general, continuing to grow despite adverse market conditions.

According to Michal Wojciechowski, it is precisely this upheaval that has benefitted Autorola, playing as it does into the strengths of the proposition that Autorola offers in conjunction with the Marketplace online remarketing platform and the INDICATA Lead Generator – a sourcing of used cars and valuation online tool.

Poland, like the rest of Europe was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, thanks to the strong home market that the region enjoys, although import to Poland should reach level of 920 – 950 k (vs. 848k on 2020) the economy has not been as adversely affected as others in the EU, and it has gone on to experience a strong rebound in the second half of 2021.

Shortage of used cars
The used car market in Poland has experienced the same global difficulties with the semiconductor shortage as other markets, and the lack of new car stock available for consumers has pushed up used vehicle prices to record highs. This has meant that there has been a general lack of liquidity within the used car market for months, and these conditions show no sign of altering anytime soon.

However, dealers use Marketplace to import used cars from other parts of Europe to satisfy some of their shortfall in stock, while used cars Polish dealers do not want can be exported by vendors to other European countries.

The ability given by this network to import and export and export vehicles from territories outside of Poland to meet the disposal and purchasing demands of the home market, has been crucial to the ability of Autorola Poland to maintain a flow of stock. This comes at a time when many other vehicle markets have been severely restricted supported by the ‘always on’ digital nature of the Autorola online service proposition. Shortage of cars turns back the standard direction of the flow of used cars. Leasing companies that normally were Autorola Poland supplier are now sourcing used cars on Autorola platforms. On the same time Indicata Lead Generator is more and more used to acquire used cars, owners data and their sales/purchase preferences.

An evolving marketplace for EVs
A marked development in the market over the last 12 months has been the rapid maturing in demand for premium EVs, which had been almost non-existent in Poland 12 months ago. That is until Autorola facilitated a de-fleet deal of 250 ex-car-sharing BMW i3 EVs from Innogy, the power distribution company. 

In a deal which was part financed by Innogy and partly by local lender Alphabet Finance, Autorola was approached to facilitate the disposal of its highly visible premium EV fleet by Innogy, who stated that ‘it was the only player in the Polish market capable of facilitating such a high-profile online de-fleet transaction successfully’.

In a difficult marketplace, and amid some media attention, Autorola successfully sold all 250 vehicles into a market where they had only previous sold one BMW i3.

The importance of Indicata for lead-generation
Prior to the pandemic, many of the region’s dealerships, which in Poland are typically smaller scale family businesses, had begun to turn away from lead generation services, preferring instead to rely on more traditional, face to face selling.

However, the pandemic forced dealers to re-evaluate this strategy and move to automated online lead generation and management, as at a time when face to face sales were impossible. The instant plug-and-play nature of the INDICATA Lead Generator used car valuation service and collecting consumers’ data has proved invaluable to their entire industry.

Consumers can value their own used car
It enables consumers to value their own used car online and the dealer to manage the online enquiry with the customer. Even as in-person sales environments return to normal, dealers who have enjoyed the uplift that INDICATA can bring have shown no signs of wishing to return to their previous arrangements.