VW Brazil and Autorola Solutions launch a nationwide vehicle management platform

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September 28, 2021

In the last two years, fleet owners, all over the world, were impacted by the pandemic. However, many of them proved to be more resilient than first expected, anchoring their survival in developing new business models, innovative technologies, and sustainable practices.

This was also the case for VW Brazil/ONE SELECT (VW’s exclusive Branded site to sell its used cars) when Autorola Solutions started the digitalisation project with them. Autorola has historically worked closely with VW in Europe, both in Marketplace and Solutions where traditional auctions have co-habited together with upstream remarketing processes through our Fleet Monitor platform.

Controlling their cars on a new platform
Now Brazil joined in the established collaboration between VW and Autorola. VW Brazil/ONE SELECT has an extensive network of dealers with over 500 locations nationwide. VW was changing from an existing auction provider and wanted a seamless migration to a new platform, where they could have more control of their cars and a branded auction environment for their closed dealer network.

The focus for VW Brazil/ONE SELECT, was to start with the remarketing of its lease return cars as well as surrounding services as the first phase of the project.

Managing the lease returns process
The next phase of the project was to conglomerate the lease return processes, including booking of lease return, handling of the units, upstream sales activities, transport, and preparation services, with the remarketing and vehicle delivery.

This was an all-new way of working with their vehicles in a more structured, less-error prone and more collaborative platform, where several suppliers were actively participating in moving them in an efficient and timesaving manner. This was defined as the second phase of the project.

As borders were closing, Autorola Solutions launched platform solutions with customers on the other side of the world together with the local team.

3,000 cars sold on the platform in phase one
Phase one of the project went live in April 2021 with over 3,000 cars sold on the platform. The next phase went live in July 2021 launching a full-fledged platform encompassing over 500 dealer locations, and direct interfaces with transport- and compound systems and external inspection providers.

The platform currently holds 18,000 units that are monitored and updated in the system, to initiate de-fleet processes in a timely manner and to secure full transparency and efficiency throughout the entire process for VW Brazil/ONE SELECT:

  • Structured and relevant information where and when it is required
  • Seamless integration of technology, people, and processes for efficient and effective delivery of core business functions
  • A one-platform solution to encompass all areas of their business with efficient processes for system users

Simplifying people, processes, and technology
The whole idea is to simply put people, processes, and technology together in one platform, which facilitates managing operations and services within the context of a business. With Autorola Solutions, VW Brazil/ONE SELECT succeeds in getting the work done in a digital context and is based on technology, which provides a powerful platform in terms of collaboration and productivity.

The third phase is currently being defined and planned to include direct driver sales and automated pricing among other new features.

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