Country Managers meet in Istanbul 2019

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June 17, 2019

Autorola Group’s annual country manager meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey on 13-15 June – highlighting a local automotive market equal in both challenge and opportunity.

The annual event serves as both a strategy workshop to align future expectations and goals, and as a social gathering that unites the local countries with the Autorola Group spirit.

A strong heritage within automotive

The culture in Autorola Group is founded on a strong heritage within automotive that stems from the founders of the company when back in 1995 the first ideas and visions for the company were born. Alongside the solid backbone in automotive, the company has always focused on the online nature of the business and digitalisation of the industry by developing innovative solutions in a widespread IT landscape. This both serves as the beacon for the company, as well as the platform that allows the company to act globally.

The annual meeting reinforces the belief of ‘think global, act local’ because although each country manager is responsible for driving business in their own territory, in a global marketplace no business stands alone – key when the culture of Autorola supports cross border initiatives and synergies.

Turkish market challenging but presenting opportunity

Held in Istanbul, the event also served to highlight how the Turkish automotive market is proving both equal in challenge and opportunity.

According to Aslı GÖKER, sales director, INDICATA Turkey, ‘At present within Turkey’s economy, there is a weakening of the Turkish lira against the dollar and euro; decreasing growth rates; rising unemployment rates; and high inflation figures. These economic indicators have affected all sectors negatively, including the automotive sector.’

However, this ‘negative’ impact is also providing opportunity within the used car market especially for Autorola Group.

Asli explained, ‘With the reducing sales figures in the new car market, the focus has shifted to the used car market by OEMs and authorised dealers, and the necessity of online presence and digitalisation has been realised. We think that the services we provide will become more important for the sector.’

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