Bilsalg Denmark celebrates investment in expanding its vehicle compound network

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May 27, 2021

Bilsalg, which is Autorola’s de-fleet vehicle storage and inspection business service in Denmark is expanding its network of locations to cater for increased demand by fleet customers and to further improve/expand its range of services.

Following the opening of its new location in Jutland in May 2020 it has announced the opening of two new locations on Zealand.

They will provide drivers a choice of location to drop off their lease car whether they live in the north of south of Copenhagen.

Bilsalg’s largest compound
At 40,000 square metres the southern Copenhagen site in Køge will become Bilsalg’s biggest compound in Denmark when it opens later in 2021, while Ballerup remains as the Danish head office due to its proximity to most of its customers.

All the new sites are owned and run by Bilsalg which allows them to design and build each one to their own specification and with customer requirements in mind. Many consumers return their personal lease car to Bilsalg centres so making the sites welcoming and having a dedicated reception and inspection area form a key part of the new site refurbishment plans.

Managing the de-fleet process for private drivers
Bilsalg prides itself on providing excellent service to private lease car drivers with its team spending time to explain any damage which the de-fleet inspection has identified, and the relevant costs incurred. Its aim is for the driver to leave their car behind with the knowledge of their responsibilities at the end of their contract which helps fleets collect end of life damage costs from drivers.

Being part of Autorola enables Bilsalg to offer customers other services from business units within the group. All the used cars arriving at each compound are photographed and uploaded to the Autorola MarketPlace online auction platform and sold online. This digital approach means a car only moves once when it has a new owner which reduces the costs as well as transport emissions when compared with physical auctions.

Helping fleets organise their assets
Digitalisation is an import part of our strategy with large fleet owners for many years managing their fleet in Autorola Solutions’ end-of-contract management tool, Fleet Monitor.

Doing the last couple of months, we have implemented our Fleet Assist concept for the small and mid-size fleet owners, which make the de-fleet and remarketing flow more efficient and transparent. The cradle to grave online asset management from Autorola Solutions provides visibility and control of vehicles at every step of their life cycle. It generates powerful data for the asset owner which enables them to make critical vehicle in-life or disposal decisions on their vehicle fleet.

Peace of mind
With many OEMs having their own bank-funded finance companies this proactive approach to asset management gives great peace of mind to everyone concerned. Big Data is very powerful and very comforting when fleets own and carry the risk for thousands of vehicles.

“We have been searching for the right sites to buy for some time and it’s exciting that these plans to grow our compound network are coming to fruition. It means we will be running one of the most modern fleet inspection networks in Denmark enabling us to meet the current and future vehicle inspection and storage needs of our fleet customers,” said Thomas Friis Pedersen, Autorola Denmark’s country manager.

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