Fleet Monitor and INDICATA integrate to cover full life cycle

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June 24, 2019

Autorola Solutions has added another powerful tool to its product suite with the integration of Fleet Monitor and INDICATA.

The introduction of INDICATA integrated into Fleet Monitor is the newest addition to Autorola’s range of enterprise solutions, where business units and product modules join forces to provide premium business propositions. The combination adds value to the whole organisation (cross department) and has an impact on the full customer and contract life cycle.

By using the Fleet Monitor/INDICATA, fleet owners add a dynamic monitoring tool to the instruments of portfolio management. This can be leveraged across departments inclduing sales, risk and remarketing. As everything is monitored and tracked constantly, it is also provides a sound basis for compliance purposes.

Constantly screened for business opportunities

By setting off the current market value against the outstanding book value, the portfolio is constantly screened for business opportunities. Customers with ‘equity’ (meaning outstanding lease amount is less than the market value) in their car are more open for new business opportunities and for the same amount or even lower, they can drive the latest version of a car or even have an upgrade to align with changing personal life situation. The integration provides a real-time sales opportunity for this level of portfolio management.

Detecting risk at an early stage

Fleet owners should always question their portfolio. Constant screening of a portfolio can not only detect risk (or risk tendencies) in an early stage but it can also give you an insight in cluster risk (ie percentage of petrol Vs diesel, gearboxes variants etc).  

Outstanding book values higher than a threshold percentage below market value need special attention.   With this basic rule, even very large portfolios can be managed easily as the focus is only put on the contract which needs special attention. As the integrated system only focuses on the files ‘at risk’, this significantly reduces the future (additional) depreciations and losses on the cars.

First indication of end of contract

In ’normal’ portfolio management the end of contract process starts at 180 days before the contract expiring. The combination of Fleet Monitor/INDICATA gives the fleet owner a first indication about the end of contract value/trend of the car. Based on this info, the fleet owner can suggest to the customer to either extend or shorten the contract.

If the contract is inline with market expectations, the next step for the fleet owner is to start the real remarketing process. Based on the data Autorola collects daily across Europe, it can advise every fleet owner where to sell the end-of-contract-cars.

Due to the GEO-pricing tool, built within Fleet Monitor, the fleet owner has a perfect overview in which European country the car is highly desired and gets the best price. Autorola also has the ability to arrange this.


Overall, the combination of Fleet Monitor and INDICATA adds another dimension to sales, risk management and remarketing, helping to maximise portfolio value in every sense of the word. 

For more information, please contact Jurgen Claus, International Business Development Manager, Phone: 0032 (0)3/887 19 00, Mobile: 0032 (0)473 96 41 09, Email:

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