Fleet Monitor – at the core of Autorola’s vehicle asset management proposition

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July 27, 2022

The Fleet Monitor asset management platform is a unique offering from Autorola Solutions and is a core product in helping grow our group business across the globe. Fleet Monitor is  an effective software platform for anyone looking to manage vehicle assets effectively throughout the vehicle lifetime. 

A host of recent business wins with Fleet Monitor
at their centre means that it has been a key driver
for Autorola’s growth in the last two years.
These include the new five-year contract signed
with smart Europe GmbH, which has Fleet Monitor
as a key service provision integrated with Marketplace
for this Europewide brand, and a new business win
with VWFS in Brazil, both of which are detailed below.

Fleet Monitor works intelligently with data
The insight from Autorola Solutions tells us that the majority of fleet managers agree that the production of detailed reports on fleets is one of the most time-consuming aspects of the role. Additionally, in the current market, the high lifetime costs of holding assets and the long lead-times for replacement vehicles is the biggest cause of frustration for fleet managers.

In this situation, maximising the efficiency of fleet management is key and Fleet Monitor’s dual functions of fleet-process and communications management are designed to simplify every aspect of fleet and resource management.

This key benefit was a major draw for smart Europe GmbH, as Fleet Monitor will found the backbone of smart’s relationship with rental, car sharing and subscription companies. This will allow smart to consistently track each vehicle’s status including mileage, servicing history and current location across multiple European countries.

Autorola is able to integrate data from all of smart´s relevant partners for logistic, inspection and storage, ensuring that all processes will be managed in a holistic and efficient manner, while enabling a fast reintegration of smart remarketing vehicles into the retail process via Autorola’s pan European online MarketPlace.

Easy fleet management
As a system which is proven to help businesses streamline processes, improve efficiency and performance, Fleet Monitor is a powerful tool for today’s fleets. It reduces operational costs and mitigates operational and financial risks for fleets, while ensuring compliance.

Additionally the communications module included within the package creates a service-focused platform for their drivers and users.

Fleet Monitor allows users to view an entire fleet at once, with detailed descriptions available on individual vehicles when needed. With it’s user-friendly and intuitive look and feel, the system is built around dashboards and worklists that, ensure that all tasks are processed quickly and efficiently.

Last year, Autorola Solution launched a bespoke Fleet Monitor with
Volkswagen Financial Services Brazil that enabled the bank to track and
trace its fleet assets across the country in a way that no other system had
previously been able to. This proved invaluable to the lender, which has a
fleet of 5,000 vehicles, and a supplementary fleet of 13,000 vehicles,
run under the brand of FleetZil.

Keeping ahead of a changing marketplace
The whole world has digitized rapidly over the last three years, and with ever changing working environments, fleet managers have found themselves having to contend with multiple, disconnected internal management systems that have not allowed them to gain an easy overview of their assets, especially in remote-working situations.

Fleet Monitor is the ideal solution for this, providing a 100 % browser-based online tool which allows efficient working, even in remote settings. Managers can gain access to all details of all assets via the portal, and interact in real-time with co-workers, suppliers and their network, across branches and even whole countries, distance is no longer a problem.

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