INDICATA White Paper highlights the impact of Covid-19 on Europe’s used car industry

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March 19, 2020

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INDICATA’s analysis of nine million used vehicle advertisements across Europe captured every day enables our global leading real time used car pricing and market analysis portal to gain a strong view of used demand retail market pricing. Not only does this give the earliest warning of market challenges such as Covid-19, it also highlights potential opportunities for the industry.
Using these insights INDICATA’s business unit director Andy Shields has written an 18-page, free-to-download, White Paper to understand the immediate dynamics on the European used car market of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Used vehicle sales fall across Europe
By analysing the number of vehicle adverts removed from the internet, INDICATA data assessed consumer used vehicle sales activity. Northern Europe saw a sales fall of 21.5% between 11-18 March, while southern Europe, including Italy, fell by 44% during the same period.
The White Paper highlights how the last recession played out for both the new and used car markets across Europe and how those same trends may repeat in a world dominated by Covid-19. It puts forward Best, Medium and Worst-Case scenarios – highlighting the challenges and impact each level of severity may pose.

Impacts by sector and contingency actions
The White Paper looks at the potential impact on the rental, leasing, dealer, OEM and OEM banking sectors and the contingency actions each one should consider taking.
In addition, it explores how China is getting control of infection rates, and how this may provide learnings for Europe.
Andy said: “Countries will have different challenges at different times and it’s all about equipping companies with the right data to help assist them to make fast decisions, which is where our pricing insights come into their own. We aim to support the industry with regular updates during the ongoing period of the pandemic.”

Download a FREE copy of our White Paper at

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