New INDICATA equipment launch

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February 23, 2021
Different equipment options impact used values by different levels depending on the segment of car and its vital to consider options in the premium segment differently to superminis. 

INDICATA provides true worth of car options
Based on the millions of vehicles INDICATA assesses every day the new functionality gives dealers the true worth of an option which compares with competitor platforms that adopt the same fixed percentage without considering changing market conditions.

Dealers now have the power to compare their used cars with similar stock options in their local area to ensure their part exchange valuations and retail pricing is competitive.

Dealer inventory pricing includes equipment and options
Each dealer’s used car inventory is automatically recorded inclusive of equipment levels and options which ensures values are always based on the latest market price movement. That way dealers have a real time value of used cars they have in stock, a major benefit for larger dealer groups with a mix of franchises and for car supermarkets where pricing is competitive and profit margins are slim.

Generally, the higher value the car, the more optional equipment it is likely to have fitted which means dealer appraisals risk being inaccurate which compromises valuing the part exchange and a potential sale. Alternatively, if the dealer under values the car when selling it in the retail market it risks potentially losing thousands of Euros.

INDICATA judges each car’s value in isolation
“Today’s trend is for drivers to want to drive cars that are bespoke to them. Historically this trend only occurred on premium cars but now many value brands differentiate their models with numerous equipment options,” said Andy Shields, INDICATA’s global business unit director.

“This has made the valuation process more difficult for dealers, which is where our new functionality takes used valuations to the next level. We are not working with averages but judging the value of each equipment level and option in the market now,” he added.

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