INDICATA Italy signs partnership with Quattroruote Professional

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May 26, 2021

INDICATA Italy has signed an exciting new strategic and commercial partnership with Quattroruote Professional which publishes Infocar the country’s leading used portal for consumers and the motor trade.

Thanks to the agreement, the Infocar products of Quattroruote, which provide strategic support for business operators, are enriched by the analysis of live market data provided in real time by INDICATA.

Increasing used car data information
It makes new used car data indicators available, such as the car’s online value, the length of time that the car has been advertised and the variability of the price depending on the geo location of the vehicle.

INDICATA meanwhile has adopted the Quattroruote Professional database to its system, including the vehicle licence plate recognition system, thus increasing the level of precision and reliability of its services.

An exciting new partnership
The result of the partnership is a comprehensive and constantly updated tool which car manufacturers, dealerships and used dealers, financial services companies and owners of corporate fleets, can manage the flow of used vehicles in an even more modern and competitive way.

“In an increasingly dynamic market, our services must evolve. This collaboration with INDICATA helps cement Quattroruote Professional’s leadership in the used vehicle evaluation market. “It also confirms its ability to innovate while maintaining the quality and reliability of our Editorial Domus publishing house, something we have done since 1929,” said Luigi Caligaris, Director of the Editoriale Domus Professional Business Unit.

Adding value to our customers
“INDICATA was launched to provide dynamic used car insights for a wide variety of businesses and six years on we are very proud of this strong partnership between Indicata and Quattroruote Professional. Together we are adding value to our customers,” explained Alberto Ongari, Head of INDICATA Italy.

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