INDICATA reveals Europe’s best-selling and fastest-selling used cars

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November 25, 2021

INDICATA launches new top-selling and fastest-selling reports by country

Our top-selling and fastest-selling used car reports have been so popular we have now launched them for each European country.

Discover the fastest and top-selling used cars across Europe by fuel type
In a very fast-moving used car market where demand exceeds supply and prices are reaching record levels it’s important to know which used cars are the most popular.
It helps dealers invest their money in the fastest-moving used stock which is where INDICATA’s used car data insights come into play.

Used car database of 9m cars
INDICATA’s data warehouse captures prices of 9m used cars across Europe kin real time and we can now offer dealers access to reports which list the fastest and top-selling used cars by fuel type.
With EVs and hybrids only just starting their used car journey this should provide dealers with valuable insights to make sure they invest in the right stock that is in demand with the retail customer in their country.

Find out more by talking to your local country INDICATA team.

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