New European stock locator helps dealers source cross border used cars more easily

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December 20, 2021

INDICATA has launched a new pan-European stock locator to help speed up the time it takes for dealers to source new used car and van stock.

With new car supplies continuing to be impacted by the global semiconductor shortage the demand for used cars continues to rise to record levels across Europe. This is causing dealers more challenges in sourcing used stock which is where a subscription to INDICATA’s European stock locator is invaluable.

Filtering used stock
The new stock locator helps dealers filter the used stock they are searching for either in their own country or cross border by the make and model, fuel type, age, and mileage, how long a vehicle has been in stock and importantly price.

Once the search of INDICATA’s database of 9m live used vehicles in 13 European countries is complete the stock locator automatically plots the locations of dealers which hold the required vehicles onto a map complete with their contact details.

Sourcing used vehicles cross border
The wider Autorola Group is seeing more larger franchised dealers sourcing more used vehicle stock cross border now to meet their group needs. The European stock locator is speeding up the time it takes to identify those individual vehicles in countries, particularly where the group buyers have no experience of individual countries.

“In many cases there is not sufficient used stock in individual countries to meet dealers’ needs due to the ongoing new car supply challenge. That has meant dealers spending a great deal of time and effort locating that stock in other countries.” explained Andy Shields, INDICATA Europe’s global business unit director.

It makes sourcing used stock quick and easy
“That’s where our stock locator comes in. It aims to make it quick and easy to locate stock across 13 European countries which not only opens up a dealer’s choice, but it also enables them to find the most relevant stock at the best price,” he added.

Dealers can find out further information and receive a demonstration by approaching their local country INDICATA sales team.

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