Integrated systems are providing vehicle asset managers with critical, real time market insights says INDICATA’s Jurgen Claus.

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September 17, 2019

The combination of Fleet Monitor and INDICATA is adding a new dimension to vehicle fleet asset managers ability to maximise portfolio values via enhanced sales, risk management and remarketing insights.

Workflow monitoring tool, Fleet Monitor in combination with data driven market insights tool, INDICATA, enables vehicle asset managers to take a pro-active approach to understanding the real-time value of their vehicle portfolio, constantly screening for business opportunities and providing immediate decision-making capabilities.

Changing the way asset managers value portfolios
Traditionally, vehicle asset managers have valued their assets using historic data rather than actual market prices. This ‘reactive’ approach often results in asset portfolios being misaligned with widening used vehicle value gaps, often only evident at the end of a vehicle contract. This creates a major challenge for asset managers. However, by using the Fleet Monitor/INDICATA system, vehicle fleet owners add a dynamic monitoring tool to the instruments of portfolio management.

With individual vehicle details uploaded into the Fleet Monitor system, INDICATA integrates within the system to allow asset managers to truly understand the value of any given vehicle at every stage of its life cycle.

Tailor to meet specific requirements and risk parameters
Asset managers can tailor the system to meet specific requirements and risk parameters to ensure management of the entire vehicle portfolio is by exception and not rule – helping to ensure focus is prioritised on vehicles which match the ‘risk’ criteria.

On fleets of any scale but specifically those larger fleets, this specifying of risk criteria ensures enhanced efficiencies and clear visibility of pending, current and future challenges and opportunities. Examples of customised gateways include low or high market days supply or higher/lower book value than wholesale and can be incorporated at any stage of the vehicle life cycle from arrivals, handover to drivers, returns, inspections and sales.

Constant screening helping to detect risks
Jurgen Claus, international business development manager, Autorola Group who is working with organisations across the globe to leverage the true benefits of the system, said, ‘Constant screening of a portfolio can not only detect risk – or risk tendencies – in the early stages but it can also give you an insight in cluster risk such as percentage of petrol Vs diesel on your fleet or gearbox variants that are no longer in fashion etc.’

Jurgen continued, ‘From a sales perspective, the tool also allows users to detect sales opportunities. Leasing and financing companies can detect those vehicles that are less prone to variable market trends which are ‘in the market’. Potentially, these could be presented to drivers as a new alternative, increasing the car sales rotation and, at the same time, providing the used car market with high quality late and low stock.’

Powering the potential for global asset management
Another key aspect of the integrated system relates to end of contract and determining the most suitable and cost-effective route of disposal. In ’normal’ portfolio management the end of contract process starts at 180 days before the contract expires.

Based on the data Autorola collects daily across Europe, it can advise every fleet owner where in the world to sell the end-of-contract-cars to gain the best price and that may mean exporting the cars. This decision is based on Autorola’s cross border used vehicle expertise as well as actual market prices which show true supply and demand in individual markets.

Jurgen explained, ‘Not only is this functionality less time consuming for asset managers to consider and decide on their routes for disposal, but it also helps to optimise the resale value of the vehicle and any difference with the book value of the car.’

The introduction of INDICATA integrated into Fleet Monitor is the newest addition to Autorola’s range of enterprise solutions, where business units and product modules join forces to provide premium business propositions.

For more information, please contact Jurgen Claus, International Business Development Manager, Phone: 0032 (0)3/887 19 00, Mobile: 0032 (0)473 96 41 09, Email:

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