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April 7, 2020

Just two weeks after our last communication the used car market globally has changed again very dramatically.
The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the majority of our countries and we are doing all we can to provide help and support to our colleagues, vendors and buyers.

Busy online platforms
Our online platforms have been very busy during the pandemic, but in some countries where the logistics businesses have been forced to close, we have had challenges in delivering vehicles.
We have launched Market Watch to help remarketing professionals make some sense of how used markets are responding to regional challenges.

Free market data and analysis
The data and analysis are free during the next few months so please take advantage and apply to receive either the Market Watch PDF or gain access to the online web portal.
Any insight or trend you can gain in these coming weeks will be highly valuable to your business, as will our Director of Marketplace, Morten Holmsten’s insight into cross border trends for diesels which we also feature in this newsletter.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of my colleagues around the world if you need further help or support and please stay safe.


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