Autorola Group shortlisted for two European awards – leading the way in online remarketing

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December 11, 2020

Ernst & Young Global Consulting Services shortlisted our group in the regional final of its Danish Entrepreneur of the Year awards. It praised Autorola’s vision of selling used cars online from the late 90s and has been impressed on how it has scaled it into a global online business over the past few years with 19 subsidiaries.

The Autorola Group philosophy
The Autorola team enjoyed the experience immensely and made a film for the judges where group CEO Peter Grøftehauge brings the Autorola culture and philosophy to life directly from our global headquarters in Denmark. See the film.

Autorola was up against some very innovative businesses in the awards which in the end were won by Carl Hansen & Son, the iconic Danish furniture manufacturer for its environmental focus on recycling waste products.

Pioneering the use of AI and digital technologies
Autorola shared its Fleet Europe remarketing award shortlist news in the last newsletter and while we didn’t win we would like to think its use of Automotive Intelligence and digital remarketing strategies over the past few years inspired other businesses in the used car awards to do things in a different way.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen all the physical remarketing companies around Europe join Autorola in selling used cars online, and vendors and buyers are enjoying the experience. CEO Peter Grøftehauge and his family set up Autorola based on a vision of selling used cars online and over 20 years later this vision has come true.

Speeding up the industry’s move to online remarketing
The Covid-19 pandemic has speeded up the industry’s move to online remarketing by at least 10 years and now that vendors and buyers are selling and buying online many will never go back to physical again. Autorola looks forward to welcoming more customers online in 2021.

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