Autorola MarketPlace sets new records during turbulent 2020

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January 24, 2021

The business sold more cars than ever during 2020, a year which proved very challenging for the whole automotive industry and saw various restrictions across many regions with countries being ‘locked-down’ at times.

Business as usual at MarketPlace
“Once again the power of being an online native service provider has shown our strength, especially under these circumstances,” explained Morten Holmsten, Global Director of Autorola MarketPlace. “We have been able to run most of our operations as normal, no matter if we have worked from home or been able to go to the offices.”

During 2020 Autorola experienced that many fleet owners still required and wanted to sell vehicles. Likewise, many car dealers – despite being forced to close their physical showrooms – kept selling vehicles and therefore also had the need of purchasing new stock.

Growth in mobile buyers
The 12-month period also broke the record for most vehicles sold via mobile phones at auctions at 14% of total sales.

Morten said, “I believe the record mobile phone activity is a result of dealers not being at their office desks but still having a need of following and being active at auctions.

“It’s amazing to think that despite all the challenges 2020 posed, the automotive industry – on a global scale – proved its resilience and adapted to the newly required ways of operating.”

Cross border used car sales growth
And now as the market comes out of lockdown over the coming months helped by the country-by-country vaccination programme he predicts a growth in cross border used car sales in 2021 as each market finds itself with too many or too few used cars to meet consumer demand.

“We will be at the heart of each market’s used car recovery whether they have too many or too few used cars or they have too many of the wrong cars or too few of the in-demand cars. Our MarketPlace online platform will continue to be the beating heart of the European used car market,” he added.

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