New app allows dealers to know exactly what the vehicles are worth

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June 22, 2020

Autorola Solutions has introduced its new Trade In app – an easy to use, real time, valuation solution for dealers to simplify the buying and selling of vehicles.

Trade In is designed to support dealers to sell more cars and increase stock turn to give improved sales volumes and revenues. It provides dealers with the perfect tool to guide customers through a smooth buying process from selling their old car to driving away in a new one.

The Trade In app allows users to capture basic vehicle information along with images, as well as expert technical and mechanical reports. Both the buyer and dealer can exchange all the necessary information within minutes to ensure an efficient, reliable and transparent process.

Importantly, Trade In allows all data to be captured and exchanged within the single platform enhancing personal security and business compliance.

Once all the necessary information is captured, the app then allows dealers to make a valid, real time, market-based valuation on the trade-in vehicle via international pricing dynamics, configured to specific sales and pricing strategies. This allows dealers to know exactly what the customer vehicle is worth, at any moment in time, to calculate a trade in price as well as ensure the right product availability/mix for the business.

An integrated, guaranteed price feature helps ensure transparency and trust.

The app also allows dealers to communicate with select parties, such as OEMs, at the touch of a button, to invite offers on the ‘trade in’ against current vehicle model promotions. This two-way communication assists with the calculation of vital key performance indicators such as market days supply (MDS) and real retail prices in the market.

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