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October 28, 2021

A record year for Autorola Poland
Autorola Poland has enjoyed a record year. Throughout a time of upheaval for the economy and the used car market in general, continuing to grow despite adverse market conditions.

According to Michal Wojciechowski, it is precisely this upheaval that has benefitted Autorola, playing as it does into the strengths of the proposition that Autorola offers in conjunction with the Marketplace online remarketing platform and the INDICATA Lead Generator – a sourcing of used cars and valuation online tool.

Poland, like the rest of Europe was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, thanks to the strong home market that the region enjoys, although import to Poland should reach level of 920 – 950 k (vs. 848k on 2020) the economy has not been as adversely affected as others in the EU, and it has gone on to experience a strong rebound in the second half of 2021.

Shortage of used cars
The used car market in Poland has experienced the same global difficulties with the semiconductor shortage as other markets, and the lack of new car stock available for consumers has pushed up used vehicle prices to record highs. This has meant that there has been a general lack of liquidity within the used car market for months, and these conditions show no sign of altering anytime soon.

However, dealers use Marketplace to import used cars from other parts of Europe to satisfy some of their shortfall in stock, while used cars Polish dealers do not want can be exported by vendors to other European countries.

The ability given by this network to import and export and export vehicles from territories outside of Poland to meet the disposal and purchasing demands of the home market, has been crucial to the ability of Autorola Poland to maintain a flow of stock. This comes at a time when many other vehicle markets have been severely restricted supported by the ‘always on’ digital nature of the Autorola online service proposition. Shortage of cars turns back the standard direction of the flow of used cars. Leasing companies that normally were Autorola Poland supplier are now sourcing used cars on Autorola platforms. On the same time Indicata Lead Generator is more and more used to acquire used cars, owners data and their sales/purchase preferences.

An evolving marketplace for EVs
A marked development in the market over the last 12 months has been the rapid maturing in demand for premium EVs, which had been almost non-existent in Poland 12 months ago. That is until Autorola facilitated a de-fleet deal of 250 ex-car-sharing BMW i3 EVs from Innogy, the power distribution company. 

In a deal which was part financed by Innogy and partly by local lender Alphabet Finance, Autorola was approached to facilitate the disposal of its highly visible premium EV fleet by Innogy, who stated that ‘it was the only player in the Polish market capable of facilitating such a high-profile online de-fleet transaction successfully’.

In a difficult marketplace, and amid some media attention, Autorola successfully sold all 250 vehicles into a market where they had only previous sold one BMW i3.

The importance of Indicata for lead-generation
Prior to the pandemic, many of the region’s dealerships, which in Poland are typically smaller scale family businesses, had begun to turn away from lead generation services, preferring instead to rely on more traditional, face to face selling.

However, the pandemic forced dealers to re-evaluate this strategy and move to automated online lead generation and management, as at a time when face to face sales were impossible. The instant plug-and-play nature of the INDICATA Lead Generator used car valuation service and collecting consumers’ data has proved invaluable to their entire industry.

Consumers can value their own used car
It enables consumers to value their own used car online and the dealer to manage the online enquiry with the customer. Even as in-person sales environments return to normal, dealers who have enjoyed the uplift that INDICATA can bring have shown no signs of wishing to return to their previous arrangements.

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