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March 31, 2022

We are only just into Q2 of the year, and 2022 is proving just as turbulent as the year before.

Nevertheless, the used car market carries on regardless, and Autorola Group has continued to support this crucial sector through increasingly volatile times.

The latest Market Watch report focusses on the price rises experienced in 13 European countries, which was 7.1% over Q1 of 2022. With demand continuing to exceed supply across the majority of territories, and currency fluctuations accounting for additional increases in territories such as Turkey, the outlook for the year ahead is that the current situation looks set to remain in the near future.

Andy Shields gave a brilliant report last month, in partnership with the major publication Fleet Europe, on the pricing fluctuations that we have seen in the used EV market. In a very clear, short video, he explains the market forces behind these fluctuations and why the outlook is bright for EVs as used vehicles. For anyone who deals in these vehicles, it is a must-watch.

We share the news of our recent contract signing between INDICATA and Toyota Motors Europe, which will aid the automotive giant with its used car pricing reports in 12 countries.

I am delighted to see that we end with an article on Autorola Group’s record two years. Each of our business units has excelled over a busy 24 month period, and as a result, we are expanding our business, and our offices. Read more about how we are evolving our group below.

I hope that you enjoy this newsletter, may it be a moment of data-driven insight in the midst of a fast paced world.


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Peter Grøftehauge (LinkedIn)

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