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July 27, 2022

The first half of 2022 has proved to be a busy and successful one for the Autorola Group. With the ongoing semiconductor shortage causing supply issues globally, the used car market has continued to be pressurised by high demand, and low supply.

Autorola’s full suite of services allowing car dealers and fleet vendors to maximise their returns at such a time which we have brought to life in our latest newsletter articles.

Autorola UK Group update:

This month we hear from Autorola UK which has doubled the size of its business as more buyers and vendors move to buying and selling used vehicles online. Neil Frost, Group Operations Director explains how Autorola has become the online used car destination supported by a sales team who collaborate closely with dealers to locate and secure the right stock for their business.

In this edition, we have the latest INDICATA Market Watch report, which goes into detail on how the used market is responding to its current challenges, and how the profile of vehicles is changing as a result. Diesel sales continue to fall year on year in-line with increasing restrictions on this fuel type in many territories, however used BEV sales have increased by 27% year on year, it is also now the fastest selling powertrain, closely followed by hybrid and petrol models.

Fleet Monitor:
Fleet Monitor is integral to the Autorola Group offering and has been a key growth area for the business in the last few years. In this newsletter we look in depth at the fleet monitor product, its features and the benefits that it brings to our customers, including VWFS, and smart Europe GmbH.

Best and Fastest Sellers:
In this issue we have an article that looks in depth at the fastest and best-selling vehicles across Europe, which will help vendors and buyers adopt the best remarketing strategies for their businesses.


As ever, I hope that this newsletter will prove interesting, fact-filled and give you a good picture of the latest news and findings from across our group.

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