Our industry is showing signs of getting back to some normality

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April 22, 2021

This month it is very nice to be able to share feedback from two of our customers: German dealer group Dello Dürkop has rolled out our Fleet Monitor asset management system across its business and BMW dealer network Pala Group BV that has embedded INDICATA within its used car business operations.

Our solution for Dello Dürkop was to create a platform that would support the operation of the car from order to its sale as a used car. The car is managed in one system by Fleet Monitor from the time it enters the stock of the dealer group, through the sales management of selecting channels and pricing strategies, until it is listed online listed via several select auctions and classified platforms for both wholesales and private buyers.

Added value is enormous
Six months on they are very pleased with Fleet Monitor which is now at the centre of Dello Dürkop’s digital landscape as ‘the added value is enormous,’ according to our customer.

Pala Group’s feedback is also very positive after rolling out INDICATA. They said: “It’s all about dynamic pricing – marketability – something we couldn’t do before. Real time data allows us to compare insights to the market, increase stock turn and reduce obsolete stock.”.
Thank you to both customers for being very open and we are glad that both products are adding value to your business.

Showing signs of growth
The used market across Europe is showing the first signs of sales growth as countries come out of their lockdown periods. It is great to see sales growth but as our INDICATA business unit director explains there are different levels of stock in different countries which is causing levels of price volatility.

The used car industry has been very badly affected over the past 12-16 months so we believe it will be a little while before it settles down. However the signs are that everything is moving in the right direction.

Download our Market Watch report for free
Our Market Watch report continues to provide valuable insights into the impact of the pandemic on prices, stock turn, sales, and trends. If you have not done already, we urge you to download it for free at as it is tracking insights every month into 13 European countries.

Online sales have saved the industry and as our vision has been to buy and sell used cars digitally for the past 20 years, we are pleased to see buyers and vendors continue to use our online MarketPlace platform as we come out of lockdown. Online is simple, cost effective and frees up time, something which many companies and employees are struggling with currently as they get their businesses trading again successfully.

We hope you have a very successful trading period as we enter the Spring season and look forward to continuing to support dealers, OEMs, banks, contract hire and leasing companies and vehicle asset owners in making 2021 a record year.

Best regards
Peter Grøftehauge (LinkedIn)

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