Merry Christmas as the global remarketing industry joins us online

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December 11, 2020

2020 has been the year many of us will prefer to forget, but for Autorola the global pandemic has meant more vendors and buyers are selling and buying more used cars online than ever before.

Our vision for more than 20 years has been that online remarketing makes much more sense than physical for many reasons. It seems the majority of used cars are now being traded online in Europe and many vendors and buyers have told us they don’t want to go back to selling and buying used cars physically. It proves that our vision has become reality.

This coincides with being shortlisted for two awards. One we have shared with you was the Fleet Europe remarketing award for the excellent INDICATA Market Watch report which my colleague Andy Shields and his team have delivered. In addition Ernst & Young shortlisted us in the Danish category of their EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition. This is a Europe-wide competition which rewards companies such as Autorola for their work and dedication in delivering excellence within industry in a dynamic and innovative way. It rewards us for our online vision and consistent delivery across more than two decades.

Being rewarded for our online vision
The eventual winners in the Fleet Europe awards have adopted AI and digital technologies for remarketing used cars. We hope that we have played a small part in giving suppliers confidence in encouraging companies to switch to trading online within our sector, which historically has always been a very conservative and slow to change.

Our Autorola Solutions asset management business has also been very busy during Covid digitising businesses globally. Managing assets from car production to remarketing is just one of the many benefits Solutions can provide asset owners. With delays in some areas of the supply chain during 2020 it was even more important to have a complete picture of your assets in real time to enable you to make proactive decisions to manage these delays.

Used dealer stock is increasing as sales are impacted by Covid
Managing used stock during the pandemic has been a challenge for all businesses across Europe which is why we launched our INDICATA Market Watch report. It traces used car sales, pricing and stocking trends in real time across 13 countries and the November report confirms that dealer stocking has finally improved just as many lockdown restrictions have come into play. Being able to share our insights into these trends and then devising strategies on how to manage stock during these difficult times is exactly why we launched the report. We hope you find it useful and if you ever miss Market Watch go to where we host the latest report.

It’s time for me to sign off for 2020 and to wish you and your families health and happiness at Xmas and in 2021.

Best regards
Peter (LinkedIn)

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