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February 22, 2021

The first few weeks of 2021 have seen the used markets further affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with sales down by more than 16% year-on-year in January.

At the same time, the type of used car being sold by dealers is beginning to change. Used hybrid and electric cars are coming into the market in high volumes but the speed of supply is ahead of where consumers are currently.

Dealers have lots of stocking decisions to make
Consumers are still coming to terms with owning and living with an electric car which means dealers are having lots of decisions to make on how many new low or zero emission cars they stock blended with petrol and diesel cars which drivers are still more familiar with.

This speed of change across each country is amazing, which is where our INDICATA used car insights come into play helping dealers balance buying the right stock and selling it at the right price, to improve stock turn.

INDICATA demonstrates the power of Big Data
As we share the power of INDICATA with more OEMs, dealers, banks and leasing companies in webinars, online conferences and via our monthly Market Insights report so they can understand the power of Big Data when it is brought to life at a local level.

INDICATA can help dealers to decide what stock to buy while MarketPlace provides the online platform which provides the actual metal to bid on and somewhere to dispose quickly of unwanted or repeat stock to the trade. INDICATA and MarketPlace make a powerful combination.

Getting the industry together is very valuable
It has been good to see our teams get together as part of the latest ENG Remarketing conference this week. It is still not the same as meeting up in person, but it is very valuable for the industry to get together and discuss key issues and challenges. I know my colleagues Andy Shields and Morten Holmsten found it very useful when they presented at the conference focusing on how electric vehicles are performing in the used market.

Mobility Solutions is another growing trend where companies are offering people the chance to have access to a vehicle to fit in with their ever-changing transport requirements. These services are definitely shaping the future of vehicle use but of course you need a platform to power the often-complex range of services.

Fleet Monitor – our dynamic Mobility Solutions platform
Fleet Monitor is our platform that enables the company to have an overview in real time of the status of all of its vehicles, while giving the customer access to a range of services. Our colleague Maria Winther shows how our systems can add value to this dynamic new area of the car market.

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