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September 28, 2021

Just as countries start to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control so the automotive industry is faced with another challenge of restricted new car supply caused by the global semiconductor shortage. Our INDICATA team is seeing major price inflation for used cars with demand rising as more drivers switch away from new cars because of long delivery times.
In the latest INDICATA report Europe is also seeing a consistent fall in dealer stocks of used cars which is fuelling the price inflation which could last until 2023.

Top selling and fastest-selling used cars
Check out our new top selling and fastest-selling used car data which INDICATA has produced for all 13 countries in the Market Watch report. Split by fuel type the reports give buyers and vendors a true picture of which used cars are most popular and in demand in their country.
Autorola Germany is one of those countries and online remarketing continues to go from strength to strength following physical auctions shutting their businesses during last year’s lockdown.

Building a profit centre from a cost centre
It has been targeting new fleets with its online remarketing proposition under the headline of ‘Building a profit centre from a cost centre.’ It has been very successful, and Germany is now engaging with many more major fleet customers about how our online MarketPlace platform can transform their remarketing strategies.

VW Brazil rolls out Fleet Monitor platform
More exciting news is that VW Brazil has rolled out our Autorola Fleet Monitor asset management platform to manage all elements of its vehicle management processes. From managing lease returns to collecting the vehicles, reconditioning, and then selling them back to the dealer network, VW chose our Autorola platform to manage everything.
Three thousand used cars were sold as part of phase one of the roll out project in April and in July 2021 a full-fledged platform was launched to include over 500 dealer locations, to include direct interfaces with transport, compound systems and external inspection providers. This new contract demonstrates the power of our online platform.

Fleet Europe seminar dates announced
More good news is that Fleet Europe has announced its Seminar is being held in Brussels on the 9-10 November. As always, we will be a sponsor for the Remarketing Forum and for many of us it will be the first time, we will get to meet our customers, colleagues, and friends from the industry face-to-face since early 2020. We are looking forward to it very much.
Until then we hope your business takes advantage of the strong demand for used cars and our products and services keep supporting you in generating healthy profits. See you soon.

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Peter Grøftehauge (LinkedIn)

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