Introduction from Autorola CEO & Founder, Peter Grøftehauge

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June 24, 2019

Hello and welcome to our latest edition of the Autorola Group newsletter.

This newsletter follows soon after our annual country managers meeting which this year was held in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey. The annual event serves as both a strategy workshop to align future business expectations and goals, and as a social gathering that unites the local countries with the Autorola Group spirit.

As in previous years, the event proved to be another great success and I would like to personally thank those who attended for sharing fascinating insights into their respective markets, as well as sharing best practice from across the globe.

This ‘togetherness’ is what makes Autorola Group the respected and successful business it is today – and for that I would like to extend my thanks to our entire global workforce.

Pertinent reminder

Hosting the meeting in Istanbul proved a pertinent reminder as to the challenges and opportunities impacting on the automotive sector. With the weakening of the Turkish lira against the dollar and euro; decreasing growth rates; rising unemployment rates; and high inflation figures the Turkish economy is facing challenge and with it comes implications for the automotive sector.

However, this ‘negative’ impact also providing opportunity within the used car market especially for Autorola Group and the many businesses we support. With our agile and innovative approach to business, combined with our inhouse expertise and advanced technology, we pro-actively aim to provide the necessary solutions to our business partners across the world – the integration of Fleet Monitor and INDICATA (details within this newsletter) being a prime example of that.

I very much hope you enjoy this edition of the Autorola Group newsletter and all the market intelligence, data insights and product information it brings.

Regards Peter

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