SIXT Australia launches new digital platform to optimise its fleet management

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February 29, 2024


SIXT AU is a leading car rental company in Australia, with locations all over the mainland continent and Australia’s largest AV rental fleet. Managing such a large and diverse fleet is not an easy task which is why SIXT AU partnered with Autorola Solutions in the summer 2023, to implement a Fleet Monitor, a customised solution that helps SIXT AU optimise its fleet operations.

Though the partnership is still new, SIXT AU has quickly become one of Autorola’s key customers in Australia, together reaching a complex solution, with expansion of many new features and even introducing a brand-new module.

A better way to manage fleets

As SIXT started its journey in Australia, it realised its current rental system was not sufficient for managing its increasingly more complex fleet operations and needed a more efficient way to handle its day-to-day business. One of the key objectives was to introduce a solution that made the end-to-end management of upcoming vehicle services easier and more pro-active.

Together with Autorola Solutions, SIXT AU implemented an automated solution for servicing alerts, thus enabling it to track and record servicing efficiently, thereby enhancing customers’ service experience. In addition, the solution also introduced the ability to track registrations and inspections, and even introduced a brand-new module, allowing to track all relevant recalls from manufacturers.

Ian Moore, Commercial Fleet and Maintenance Manager at SIXT AU said: “Overall the system creates a proactive way in the monitoring of fleet and the ability to obtain a well-maintained fleet without effecting our renting revenue.”

Fleet Monitor helps SIXT AU enhance its customer satisfaction and loyalty, by ensuring its vehicles are always in optimal condition and ready for rent.

Tailormade solution

The collaboration between SIXT AU and Autorola Solutions has been a success for both parties, as they have worked together to develop and implement a solution that meets SIXT AU’s specific needs and challenges, as highlighted by Ian Moore. He added:

As a start, the real value has been the ability for the Autorola team to configure the system to how we would like it to look. Nothing has ever been too difficult for the team, or any request met with barriers. Obvious benefits are a well-maintained fleet, with the value adds being a view on status and kms ahead of time, to make informed decisions on the best course of action.”

The team of expert consultants at Autorola Solutions has worked closely with SIXT AU to deliver a solution that lived up to expectations, being open-minded to suggestions, to set up a solution that is tailormade to support their business model.

More features on the horizon

With Fleet Monitor, SIXT AU has gained a competitive edge in the car rental market, by leveraging technology to optimise their fleet performance and introduce a customer-centric approach, with more features currently in the works, such as a spare key solution with easy tracking and alerts to ensure efficiency.

SIXT AU looks forward to further optimising its fleet management operations and growing its business together with Autorola Solutions with future ambitions of tracking infringements and creating a sales hub allowing for best case business decisions.

Picture caption: From left to right – Severin Stolberg-Rohr, Autorola Solutions consultant, and Ian Moore from Sixt Australia


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