Sofico integrates INDICATA into Miles asset management system

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November 11, 2019

Sofico, a provider of software solutions to the global automotive leasing and financial services sector, has integrated INIDCATA into its Miles asset management system.
Thanks to INDICATA’s integration, fleet and portfolio managers using Miles can maximise their fleets’ portfolio value using real time used market insights and specific KPIs, realising improved sales and more efficient risk management.

INDICATA contributes real time insights at vehicle and portfolio level
With over 50 customers in 23 countries across four continents, Sofico’s Miles provides valuable business insights and helps manage over two million leasing contracts. The integration of INDICATA data will contribute to real time insights at both the individual vehicle and portfolio levels.
Gémar Hompes, managing director of Sofico, said: “We have been in the fleet management business for over 30 years. Since the very beginning we have followed the market closely, and identified innovative trends and new technologies, to help customers manage their fleets more effectively.

Fleets are managing vehicles with greater granularity
“One trend we have observed is that vehicle fleet managers and leasing companies are managing their vehicles with greater and more varying granularity: from years to minutes. Real time INDICATA data is a fantastic tool to give vehicle managers the insights they need to optimally manage their fleets, at any time,” he added.
Erwin Coesens, country manager, Autorola Belux, explained: “Traditionally, vehicle fleet managers have valued their assets on historical data. This often results in large differences in value that only come to light at the end of the vehicle contract. INDICATA’s real time data allows vehicle managers to work proactively with their fleet and to constantly screen for business opportunities so that quick but well-considered decisions can be taken.”
Sofico’s Miles has been specially developed to provide flexible and functional end-to-end solutions for the efficient management of vehicle fleets. 

For more information, please contact Erwin Coesens, Country Manager Autorola Belgium Luxembourg, Mobile: +32 475 95 96 00, Email:

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