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December 20, 2021

“Automotive companies are continuing to dispose of manual systems and processes as more employees work from home and replace them with automated processes that cover every car’s life stage from manufacture to disposal.

That’s where Fleet Monitor comes in. It digitises every single part of the car’s journey for asset owners joining up all of those in-life processes and giving a bank, OEM, leasing company or dealer group complete transparency of a car’s status and value at every life stage.

Fleet Monitor is powering car subscription companies
Orders for Fleet Monitor have more than doubled in 2021 fuelled by new car subscription clients. The subscriptions industry recognises the power of our systems to automate and integrate every step of their process.

From the moment the finance is underwritten, and the order form is signed to when a car is prepared and then delivered to the driver, to when a car is collected, inspected, and refurbished at the end of a contract to go out on a secondary lease, Fleet Monitor gives OEMs complete control.

Car ownership trends are changing
Autorola recognises that the popularity of car subscriptions will continue to grow as car ownership trends change. Younger people are less keen to buy a car and instead prefer to rent a car for a fixed period of 3-6 months and then have the flexibility to change it regularly.

They want to sign up to an all-inclusive monthly fee that includes all maintenance and insurance as they consider themselves as time poor and don’t want to deal with the hassles associated with the buying, upkeep and selling a car. We continue to talk to many other European companies about rolling out Fleet Monitor to support this new car ownership trend.

Mobility service providers
OEMs are now positioning themselves as mobility service providers and as they change their retailing strategy so the relationship with their dealers is also changing. It means selling more cars direct to drivers as they start to own the relationship with drivers.

Dealers will be used more as agents for servicing and maintenance and the OEM owned cars will be directed into this network when their connected car data informs them mechanical attention is needed or when a car receives a recall notice. Fleet Monitor seamlessly manages the needs of an OEM mobility provider including connection with its dealer network.

Dealers are centralising used car trade-in processes
The Covid-19 pandemic and semiconductor crisis have forced many car dealer groups to review the way they manage their used car trade in processes. More used cars are being purchased online by drivers with their part exchange being valued by our INDICATA Lead Generator software as part of this process. With used cars in great demand, dealers want to buy and collect a customer part exchange and put it up for sale on a dealer forecourt as quickly as possible.

Dealer groups are now centralising this process via Fleet Monitor to ensure it is lean and fast and that cars are allocated to the right dealership after they have been refurbished.

Wholesale auction platform
For the used cars that the dealer group doesn’t want to retail based on age, mileage, and condition, it is using Fleet Monitor to offer them out to the wholesale market via our auction platform. The focus once again is on speed, as dealers want to turn these cars into cash as quickly as possible.

So, 2022 looks like it will be as exciting for Solutions as 2021 and we are confident that Fleet Monitor will help businesses future proof their asset management and support those new innovators that are launching new mobility solutions for drivers.”

Happy Christmas.

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