Toyota Motors Europe rolls out INDICATA used car pricing data across 13 countries

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March 31, 2022

Toyota Motors Europe (TME) has announced a major new contract with INDICATA Europe to roll out its used car pricing data to 13 countries over the next two months.

INDICATA has developed a bespoke reporting suite for TME that tracks all the online used Toyota and Lexus adverts from its own dealer networks across Europe and presents it into an easy-to-read dashboard for each country.

Ability to view used cars at a macro and micro level

This gives TME the ability to view the successes of each of its models at both a macro and micro level in real time. It can view stock advertised levels grouped by brand, model, engine type, vehicle age and mileage by country and track the evolution of pricing and sales volume trends.

The INDICATA contract has already gone live in France Belgium, Spain, Italy, and the UK. From the end of April INDICATA’s data will also be rolled out in Austria, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and Turkey.

Used car intelligence

TME has been impressed at the power of INDICATA’s used car business intelligence to aggregate used car stock data in real time. It can be dissected in a variety of ways using filters in its reporting dashboard.

Toyota Motors Europe’s spokesperson said “We are excited to be working with TME to provide them with a real time overview of its Toyota and Lexus stock being sold by its dealers. It will generate some valuable trends data for the brands to enable them to understand how their models are performing in Europe’s used market Europe country by country.”


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