Digital solutions are building growth at Autorola Turkey reports Asli Göker, deputy general manager

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October 3, 2022

Despite a used car market which has stalled due to inflationary challenges, Autorola Turkey had enjoyed a period of strong growth. This strengthening of Autorola Turkey’s operations began during the pandemic, when the closure of physical auction sites meant that the used car industry had to digitalise rapidly.

Autorola’s existing suite of powerful digital sales tools meant that it had a ready solution to keep the used vehicle market afloat during this time. The results generated during this period of transition have meant that partnerships formed during this time have strengthened since, allowing Autorola Turkey’s market share to flourish, even in uncertain times.

Autocom: a new product to facilitate used car sales for everyone

Launched to allow both the purchase and sale of used cars from private owners, Autocom is the latest product from Autorola Turkey, which works in a C2B, B2C and a B2B scenario.

Autocom allows a customer to value their vehicle online using the INDICATA lead generator platform. If the estimated price is accepted, the customer can book an inspection appointment at one of five branches across Turkey (four in Istanbul and one in Izmir), where the vehicle is inspected using Autorola’s in-house inspection technology.

If the offer made is accepted, Autorola pays the customer up front, before marketing the vehicle via its digital showroom, to B2B and B2C buyers to bid on and purchase.

This clever integration of different Autorola tools, combined for the benefit of both the trade and retail customer has allowed it to increase its brand awareness with the Turkish public, helped by a marketing campaign conducted on social media.

In the months since Autocom was launched, the response from the public has been strong, with several hundred sold via the platform and plans to roll the brand out further across Turkey.

A maturing marketplace supported by Autorola

Compared to neighbouring territories, the used car market in Turkey has still yet to mature. Autorola’s strong base of automotive solutions has been adding value to all customer businesses, whether buyers or sellers. Powerful, data driven products are providing trust and increased returns to customers as the market matures. The cross-selling of Autorola solutions to its customer base has been key to the growth of business in the region enabling it to serve the needs of the remarketing industry by 360 degrees.

New partnerships drive growth

Autorola Turkey, which now works with the top 10 global OEMs, continues to add value to the used car operations for franchised dealers with the complete range of ​​services it offers.

In the months to come, Autorola Turkey will continue to broaden its customer base outside of purely OEM clients.

Autorola has also announced multiple new insurance companies across Turkey, which use its INDICATA used car data to estimate valuations on their book of assets. At a time when there has been used car inflation in the country of over 100%, companies who are taking the residual risk on their assets are using the data to understand how this is impacting values.

While some internal processes have had to be adapted to meet the specific needs of these new customers, following the signing of three new companies in recent months, Autorola Turkey continues to penetrate this new market with INDICATA’s live used car data which has previously not been available to the market.

The result of the growth of business in Turkey has meant the growth of the Autorola team, and at the beginning of September, its team had grown to 201, with further expansion planned before its 10th anniversary in April 2023.

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