FLEET MONITOR – Vehicle Workflow Systems

Fleet Monitor is a workflow monitoring tool that supports vehicle fleet owners of all sizes to process their volumes in the most efficient and structured way – from acquisition to disposal. Fleet Monitor helps you to improve your services and lead-times in all aspects of your in-fleet to de-fleet processes.

The integration between systems allows you to combine a flow that supports YOUR business model 100 pct and allows you to plan and control all activities from one single access point.

Never lose sight of your vehicles again

With a user-friendly and intuitive look and feel, the system is built around dashboards and worklists, informing users on which vehicles to take action and thereby ensuring that vehicles are processed quickly and efficiently.

The system tracks on various customized gateways that each vehicle must pass through, such as arrival, handover to drivers, return, inspection and sales. This means that your end-to-end value chain is easily managed in a structured and transparent way. This also allows you to constantly monitor and improve on your work flows – from in-fleet to de-fleet and sales.  


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